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A Letter from

Rosanna Appleby

A copy of this letter received from Ann Appleby-Jeffries,  in the 1980's.   

Later printed in The Appleby Heritage Newsletter, it is thought to have

been written in the late 1920's.  Rosanna was born ca. 1870, in Shade Gap,

Huntingdon Co. Pennsylvania.  She was 60 years of age in the 1930 census.


521 N. Institute St.

Colorado Springs, Colo.

Mr. Appleby:-

Dear Cousins:


     I received your letter with gladness.  I presume what I give you will not be much.  I Rosanna Appleby was youngest daughter of Alexander and Ann Eliza Jeffries Appleby.  I remember well of seeing one of my grandparents, Grandmother, Mary Moreland Appleby, very handsome elderly lady.  I have a very good picture of her dressed just as I remember seeing her with white cap on, frill around it, three cornered cape, black silk mits on, as when my father took her with us in the carriage to church.  Then visiting at our house would sit and knit with quill pinned on front of this cape for her needle to go in.  I remember my brother Dr. David Jeffries Appleby saying he remembered grandmother sitting knitting with this quill on.  He thought as handsome an old lady as he ever saw.  She had such pink cheeks, blue eyes, hair white as snow, waved on each side of her face.  If  I understood it right she was almost a hundred of Scotch Irish descent, Appleby



     In returning from Palestine May 1926 spent 10 days in London, I had made inquiry of information to  visit the City of Appleby in England, did not get I had to get out of England on account of a labor strike closed everything at midnight on eve I left London at once board my boat, Majestic, at Southampton, received telegram to leave London at once board my boat.  Passengers were in it three days before sailing for New York.  I had a fine journey 8000 miles voyage from New York to Coppanbynay of Portugal, Africa, Asia, Spain, Greece, Turkey, Rumania, from Jerusalem to Alexandria, Egypt, Naples, Italy, Island of Crisby, Rome, Tunis, Geneva, Paris, Ames, Word to Dover, Seonddon, (Cherbir of France).  I saw Palestine at its best in April 11th.  Voyage one month to the day. 


     Returning to our ancestry I cannot say much more than you have.  I remember visiting grandmother frequently and how we loved to go to their home east of Shade Gap, Pa.  I remember hearing father say his Uncle Alex. Appleby lived on the farm east owned then by Roddy's said all he could remember was seeing his Aunts pick their steps on little rocks across the brook between house and farm ran down thru their meadows back of their house, a rapid brook.   Aunt Margaret Ellen Appleby almost drowned fell in on way from barn almost washed under ice, frightened Aunt Belle Hudson,  a cousin of my fathers made her home with her, my father was almost 81 at his death, my mother died in her 67 yr. just time of Johnstown Pa. flood  June 5th Flood May the 30th.


     Our family are all gone but my sister Lavinia Belle Elliott and I, my sister lives in Akron, Ohio. I have same record you have out of Biographical Enclipedia of Juniata Valley, Thomas Appleby is a fine historian, your father James Appleby and my brother David Appleby were very great boy friends.  There are six Appleby names on your letter, I thought there were five brothers one girl.  I was very glad to hear from you.  Sure would be glad to meet with you at your reunion.  My sister and I wondered who would take up the history after Thomas A.  If ever here would be glad to have you come to see me.


I remain Sincerely,


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13 October 2004