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Scott Winfield Appleby

Ellen Osborne


Picture of the family of Scott Winfield Appleby & Ellen Osborne-Appleby, courtesy of Peggy Deeton

The baby front row center is mis-identified.  The baby is Irene Owens, the daughter of Dee Appleby and

 second husband, Dan C. Owens.  Dee, standing behind her Mother's left shoulder.




Husband: Winfield Scott APPLEBY

Birth Date: 9 Dec 1846

Birth Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Parents: William Alfred Appleby & Mary McKoin

Death Date: 28 Apr 1898

Death Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Burial Place: Marsh Cem.;  Cascoe, Arkansas

married:  August 1879


Spouse:  Ellen (Ellender) OSBORNE

Birth Date: 23 Mar 1861

Birth Place: Austin, Arkansas

Death Date: 5 Feb 1947

Death Place: Stuttgart, Arkansas

Marriage Date: Aug 1879

Children: Mary Ellen

Lydia Love

Benjamin William

Frank Winfield

Delia (Dee)

Minte Mae

Sidney Scott

Susanna Myrtle (Susie)

Walter Bell


Other Spouses of Winfield Scott Appleby:

Mattie (?) ROBERTSON

Child by Winfield Scott & Mattie Appleby:  

Dolly, 1870-1920

teacher in Colorado

died Colorado Springs, Colorado


1.1 Mary Ellen APPLEBY

Birth Date: 20 Jan 1880

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 1928

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Finley Gorrell SHELTON

Burial Place: Cascoe, Arkansas

Spouse Father: John Bullock SHELTON

Spouse Mother: Jane Elvira DUKE

Spouse Notes:

Information on Shelton's from Priscilla Schults 12 May 2001,

Her mother is Nedra , daughter of Anna Jewell (Shelton) and George William Duey.

Children: Anna Jewell

Finley Scott

James Harper

John D. Shelton

Ben Duke



1.1.1 Anna Jewell SHELTON

Birth Date: 24 May 1903

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 16 Jun 1985

Death Place: Lubbock, Texas

Burial Place: Lubbock Cemetery; Lubbock, Texas

Spouse: George William DUEY

Birth Date: 4 Nov 1903

Birth Place: Howe, Oklahoma, Indian Territory

Death Date: 13 Jul 1986

Death Place: Post, Garza County, Texas

Burial Place: Lubbock Cemetery; Lubbock, Texas

Spouse Father: John Wilburn DUEY (1870-1946)

Spouse Mother: Lelia Ethel SCOTT (1880-1953)

Marriage Date: 25 May 1926

Marriage Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Children: Nedra


George Nedra DUEY


Information for this line, beginning with Mary Ellen (Appleby)

Shelton and daughter, Anna Jewell (Shelton), from Nedra Duey, daughter of Anna. Nedra's daughter-in-law sent information through her e-mail to me. May 2001. Peggy DUEY

---------------- George DUEY


1.1.2 Finley Scott SHELTON

Birth Date: 31 May 1905

Death Date: 1924


Name given to me as Finely, but may be Finley.


1.1.3 James Harper SHELTON

Birth Date: 27 Aug 1909

Death Date: 1934

Death Cause: Tuberculosis


1.1.4 John D. SHELTON


1.1.5 Ben Duke SHELTON

Birth Date: 16 Sep 1916

Death Date: 1925

Death Cause: Tetnus

Notes: 9 Years Old


1.1.6  Bonnie SHELTON

Birth Date: 1906

Death Date: 1927

Notes: Raised By The Shelton's, But Not Adopted


Info from Nedra (Duey). The Shelton's did not legally adopt Bonnie, but raised her as their own, when her Mother died.

Spouse: Charles HURST


1.2 Lydia Love APPLEBY

Birth Date: 29 Aug 1882

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Ernest T. STONE


1.3 Benjamin William APPLEBY

Birth Date: 18 Dec 1883

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 1918

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas


1.4 Frank Winfield APPLEBY

Birth Date: 8 Jan 1886

Death Date: 29 Nov 1976

Death Place: Stuttgart, Arkansas


This family in 1930 Census in Keaton, Arkansas County, Arkansas

Spouse: Ida E. POLK

Birth Date: 1892

Birth Place: Arkansas

Marriage Date: 7 Mar 1900

Children: Glenn L.

Pauline T.



1.4.1 Glenn L. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1911


1.4.2 Pauline T. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1913

Birth Place: Arkansas


1.4.3 Ellene APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1916

Birth Place: Arkansas


1.5 Delia (Dee) APPLEBY

Birth Date: 10 Jun 1889

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Place: Memphis, Tennessee


Married twice.

Spouse: Dan C. OWENS


1.6  Minte Mae APPLEBY*

Birth Date: 1 Mar 1891

Death Date: 9 Mar 1978

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Cooper McGAYHUE/McGROGHY

Children: Wilbur




Other Spouses James MITCHELL


1.6a.1 Wilbur McGAYHUE/McGROGHY

1.6a.2 James McGAYHUE/McGROGHY

1.6a.3 Gerald McGAYHUE/McGROGHY

1.6a.4 Marie McGAYHU / McGROGHY


1.6b Minte Mae APPLEBY*

(See above)

Spouse: James MITCHELL

Other Spouses Cooper McGAYHUE/McGROGHY


1.7 Sidney Scott APPLEBY

Birth Date: 10 Feb 1892

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 28 Jul 1991

Death Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Lucille Elizabeth SUTTON

Birth Date: 14 Oct 1900

Birth Place: McNairy Co. Tennessee

Death Date: 17 Apr 1995

Death Place: Stuttgart, Arkansas

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse Father: William Asa SUTTON

Spouse Mother: Macky CROSS

Children: Katie Ruth

William Scott

Earnest Paul


1.7.1 Katie Ruth APPLEBY

Birth Date: 21 Apr 1926

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Warren AKER


1.7.2 William Scott APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1 Nov 1928

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 17 Jul 1993

Death Place: Wichita Falls, Texas

Spouse: Peggy Lou BOYLES

Children: James Scott James Scott APPLEBY*

Birth Date: 22 Jan 1953

Birth Place: Roswell, New Mexico

Spouse: Larayne DAVIS

Birth Date: 14 Mar 1957

Birth Place: Houston, Texas

Spouse Father: Cratus Lee DAVIS

Spouse Mother: Margaret HENDERSON

Marriage Date: 30 Nov 1974

Marriage Place: Henrietta, Texas

Divorced: May 1987

Children: Stephani Michelle

Kimberly Layne

Wesley Scott

Other Spouses Charline PEARSON James Scott APPLEBY*

(See above)

Second Spouse: Charline PEARSON

Birth Date: 15 Mar 1950

Birth Place: Alice, Texas

Marriage Date: 28 Jul 1989

Other Spouses Larayne DAVIS


1.7.3 Earnest Paul APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1936

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 1936

Death Place: Casscoe, Arkansas


1.8 Susanna Myrtle (Susie) APPLEBY

Birth Date: 7 Oct 1894

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Alfred Frank (Bud) HINSON


Fred Ray,born 16 Mar 1919, lived 3 Mo.



Melba Celeste married Earl Rabeneck


1.8.1 Fred Ray HINSON


Notes: Not Sure Of Spelling Of First Name.

1.8.2 Alfred HINSON


1.8.3 Ray HINSON


1.8.4 Melba HINSON


1.9 Walter Bell APPLEBY

Birth Date: 19 Oct 1887

Birth Place: Casscoe, Arkansas

Death Date: 9 Jun 1953

Burial Place: Marsh Cemetery; Casscoe, Arkansas

Spouse: Mamie JOHNSON

One Child: Walter Burmick

1.9.1 Walter Burmick APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1920

Birth Place: Arkansas


1880 Census this family lived in Keaton, Arkansas Co. Arkansas.

Note: July 2010 from Peggy Deaton:

      "I knew or was around all the folks in the picture I sent yesterday except for my grandmother Shelton and James Harper. 

Aunt Myrtle (Susan) Hinson was my favorite, first, because she made the best blackberry cobblers in the world and second, 

her daughter Melba and I played together when we were little. Our family usually

stayed with them when Mama went a-visiting." 




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