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Appleby Newsletters



The articles are from the Appleby Newsletters published by

Appleby Heritage from 1981-1991.


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Alfred W. Appleby

 Dakota Plains Prairie Fire

Oct  1982

Benjamin Franklin Appleby

Around The World To Alabama

April  1983

Benjamin G. Appleby

 Entrepreneur In Michigan

April  1988

Calvin W. Appleby

 Captain On The Great Lakes

Oct  1987

Charles Appleby  

A Special Place in Council Bluffs

Summer  1991

Curles (Curtis) Shim Appleby 

Westward To Wyoming

Oct  1985

George Bradford Appleby

From Oklahoma to Arizona

Apr 1988

J. S. Appleby

Slain by Indians in Neutral Lands

    Oct 1983

James Key Appleby

Owner Of Texas Cotton Gin

Oct  1985

James Mourning Appleby

A Guiding Light In Virginia

Oct  1983

James Preston Appleby

From Somewhere to South Carolina

Apr  1983

John Thomas Appleby

England  to South Dakota Home

Oct   1987

Ralph Carson Appleby

University Professor In Iowa

Oct  1987

Robert Carson Appleby

Vineyards of California

    Oct 1983

Thomas A. Appleby

An Uncommon Man of Pennsylvania

July  1991

Thomas Dorland Appleby

Timber Country Of Canada

April  1988

William H. Appleby

New York to Ripon, Wisconsin

   April 1984

William S. Appleby

From Wisconsin to California

  April 1984

William Ivers Appleby

The Morman Pioneer Trail

April  1987

William Remson Appleby

Minnesota School of Mines

April  1987


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