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David Clinton Appleby

Amelia Ann Stokes


David Clinton APPLEBY

Born: 4 Mar 1808

Place: St. George Parish; Colleton Co. South Carolina

Died: 10 Mar 1864   age 56 years

Place: Grover, Dorchester County, South Carolina.

Buried: Hagerman Cemetery, Grover, Dorchester Co; SC

Father: James Preston Appleby

Mother: Mary Louise Rumph

Marriage Date: 26 May 1831

Spouse: Amelia  Ann STOKES

Amelia's Will   click here

Born: 3 Mar 1815

Died: 14 May 1873

Spouse Father: Williams STOKES

Spouse Mother: Ann Risher


Children of David Clinton and Amelia Ann Appleby:

1. Mary E. APPLEBY

Born: 1832

Died: Between 1852-1858

Spouse: Reddin/Reardon W. MAY

Spouse Father: Jacob H. MAY

Notes for Mary & Reddin May


2.  Ann C. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1833

Death Date: Jan 1848

Burial Place: Hagerman Cemetery

near Grover, South Carolina


3.  William Preston APPLEBY

Born: 22 Nov 1835

Died: 1 Mar 1907

Buried: The Appleby Methodist Church Cemetery

Grover, South Carolina

Married: 18 Jan 1866

Spouse: Anzley Capers LORISEY

Born: 7 May 1844

Died: 28 May 1902

Spouse Father: Joel Larisey

Spouse Mother: Mary Green Earle


4.  Sarah O. APPLEBY*

Birth Date: 1837

Death Date: 30 Jun 1914

Marriage Date: 16 Sep 1856

First Spouse: Richard Junius RISHER, jr.

Birth Date: 10 Apr 1827

Death Date: Oct 1864

Spouse Father: Richard Junius RISHER

Spouse Mother: Mary Ruth A. HUFF

Other Spouses John Albert STOKES


4b.  Sarah O. APPLEBY*

(See above)

Second Spouse: John Albert STOKES

Birth Date: 1834

Death Date: 6 Dec 1904

Spouse Father: John STOKES

Spouse Mother: Sarah PENDARVIS

First Spouse Richard Junius, Jr RISHER


5.  Leonnen APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1837


6. Albert R. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1838

Death Date: Dec 1864

Death Place: Killed in Battle of Nashville, TN; Civil War


7.  Lucy L. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1840

Marriage Date: 28 Dec 1865

Spouse: Jacob C. UTSEY


8. David Clinton, jr. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 5 Apr 1843

Death Date: 26 Jul 1901

Burial Place: Appleby Methodist Church Cemetery

Spouse: Rebecca English LARISEY

Birth Date: 7 Nov 1832

Death Date: 6 Aug 1880

Spouse Father: Joel LARISEY

Spouse Mother: Mary Green EARLE


9.  Peter Ridley APPLEBY

Birth Date: 23 Mar 1845

Death Date: 3 Apr 1910

Burial Place: St. Helen Episcopal Church Cem. Beaufort, SC

Marriage Date: 18 Jan 1866

Spouse: Mary Kistler LARISEY

Birth Date: 11 Jul 1847

Death Date: 21 Jun 1934

Burial Place: St. Helen's Episcopal Church Cem. Beaufort, SC

Spouse Father: Joel LARISEY

Spouse Mother: Mary Green EARLE


10.  Julia A. APPLEBY

Birth Date: Circa 1846

Spouse: HEATON

Died:  LKA: Savannah, Georgia


11. Georgiana J. APPLEBY

Birth Date: 2 Jul 1849

Death Date: 14 Jun 1908

Burial Place: Harleyville Cemetery;

 Dorchester County, South Carolina

Spouse: J. A. DURR

Birth Date: 24 May 1840

Death Date: 6 Aug 1894

Burial Place: Byrd Graveyard; Dorchester Co.; So. Carolina


12. James Wellborn APPLEBY

Birth Date: 1850

Death Date: 18 Nov 1873

Burial Place: Hagerman Cemetery, near Grover; South Carolina


13.  Estelle A. APPLEBY

Birth Date: After 1850

Spouse: Josiah Isaac COPELAND

Spouse Father: Isaac David COPELAND

Spouse Mother: Mary Eve PLATTE


14. Morgan Giles APPLEBY

Birth Date: 27 Sep 1857

Birth Place: Appleby Plantation; Near Grover, So. Carolina

Death Date: 30 Sep 1903

Death Place: Jessup, Georgia

Burial Place: Jonesville Cemetery; Colleton Co., So. Carolina

Occupation: Railroad Train Engineer

Spouse: Claudia Broughton HAINES

Birth Date: 12 Oct 1869

Death Date: 30 Jul 1937

Burial Place: Jonesville Cemetery; Colleton Co., So. Carolina


15. Adella Torry APPLEBY

Birth Date: 10 May 1861

Birth Place: Appleby Plantation; near Grover, So. Carolina

Death Date: 25 Jul 1915

Burial Place: Shingler Burial Grounds;

Occupation: Merchant

Spouse: Virginia MELLARD

Birth Date: 31 Jan 1854

Death Date: 18 Sep 1926

Death Place: Shingler Burial Grounds

Spouse Father: Thomas J. MELLARD Rev.

Spouse Mother: Mary Ann BRADWELL



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