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Alabama:        Laura Augusta, 1 Aug 1837, Salem; to John & Virginia Julia (Key)Appleby.

Arizona:          Donald Earl, 26 Dec1928, Phoenix; to  Claude & Lona (Breese) Appleby.

                        Thomas, 1874, Apache Pass, Pima County;  parents not known.

Arkansas:       Mary Ann, 24 Oct 1831, Washington Co.; to Hezekiah & Margaret (Herron) Appleby.

                         Margaret J., 17 Sept 1859, Fayetteville; to Andrew Thomas & Susan Jane (Kifer) Appleby.

Colorado:        Benjamin Holden, 19 July 1893, (Colorado); to Henry Littleberry & Hortense (Holden) Appleby.

                         Annie Josephine, 28 Sep 1886; Poncha Springs, Chaffee Co., to William & Antonia Nathelia

                         (Baumgaertner) Appleby.

Connecticut:    Charles Henry, 1 Oct 1841; Sherman, Fairfield Co.; to John K. & Susan (Hungerford) Appleby.

Florida:             Mable Clair, 30 Sept 1883; Fruitland, Putnam Co; to Franklin Presley & Mamie (Tucker)              


Georgia:          William Douglas, 2 March 1821, Jackson Co., to James & Virginia Jane (Montgomery) Appleby.

                         Scott Bascom, 26 July 1856, Pendergrass; to Hugh Columbus & Eliza Louisa (Davis) Appleby.

Illinois:             Margaret Anna, 10 May 1908; Brimfield; to James Francis & Susan Mary (Appleby) Meehan.

Kansas:            Harry Addison, 13 Feb 1897, Cedar Vale; to Addison & Joanna (Ross) Appleby.

Kentucky:        John William, 14 Nov 1861, Albany Landing; to Robert & Sallie Ann (Dicken) Appleby.

Louisiana:        John, 24 Jan 1895, New Orleans; to John & Annette (Theriot) Appleby.

Maryland:        Henry Russell; 25 Oct 1861; Frederick Co.; to Rufus Henry & Martha A. (Bennett) Appleby.

Michigan:         Oary William, 2 Feb 1878, Shelby, Oceana Co.; to Charles William & Hattie (Allen) Appleby.

Minnesota:       Kenneth Hazzard, 19 Oct 1894; Minneapolis; to John Roy & Georgia Eva (Moore) Appleby.

Missouri:          William Allen, Jan 1859, Greene Co.; to Samuel Glover & Martha Ann (Robberson) Appleby.      

Nebraska:        Charles Chase, 20 Sept1891, Ewing; to Frank Odell & Lettie Arvilla (Chase) Appleby.

New Jersey:     William Parker, 4 Oct 1850, Middlesex Co.; to John Andrew & Eleanor (Brown) Appleby.

New York:        Evaline A. Appleby, 13 May 1849, Scott, NY; parents not known.

                          Isaac, 25 Aug 1794, Greenburg, Westchester Co.; to Joseph & Esther (Gale) Appleby.

Ohio:                 Alexander Wilbur Force, 28 Dec 1851, Fairhaven; to Alexander & Sarah P. (Brown) Appleby.

Pennsylvania:   George Sharrer, 17 June 1853; to John & Priscilla (Montague) Appleby

Rhode Island:   Zebedee, 19 Dec 1756, Providence Co.l to James & Dorcas Appleby.

                          Daniel Angell, 16 July 1838; Lincoln, Kent Co.; to Silas Smith & Julia (Ballou) Appleby.

Tennessee:       Robert Lee, 20 April 1900, Bedford Co., to Edd & Margaret (Snellings) Appleby.

Utah:                 William Robertson, 08 Feb 1870, Salt Lake City; to William P. & Eliza (Hadley) Appleby.

Virginia:            Maybie, 01 Dec 1767, Goochland Co.; to William & Elizabeth (Milton) Appleby.

                          Laura Virginia, 15 April 1856, Independent Hill,; to  Appleby & Frances ( ) Appleby.

                          Tandy Linton, 30 Sept 1831, Henry Co.; to John & Virginia (Key) Appleby.

Wisconsin:        Ruby Grace, 16Apr 1858, Mazomanie; to John Francis & Anna Delight (Spink) Appleby.


This is a random list for Applebys in general; not of any one family lineage.

Additions from time to time.





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