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Captain of the Lakes

Calvin W. Appleby



    From the obituary of Captain C. W.Appleby:  "On Friday morning, August 6th, Captain C. W. 

Appleby breathed his last, after an illness of three months at the advanced age of  72 years and 11 


    Mr. Appleby was born in New York State, August 1808 and came to this place when a mere lad,  

having been a resident of Conneaut for about sixty years.  In the prime of  his life he was one of the 

noted  steamboat captains of the Lakes, and his name and fame were familiar to the traveling public 

as the boats  which he commanded.

 Later in life he abandoned the Lakes and devoted his time and energy to  farming at which he was 

equally  successful.  As a neighbor and a citizen he was honored and respected by all.  Only, one son, 

William W.,  survives him.

   The funeral was held on Sunday afternoon and was very largely attended.  The Rev. A. M. Keyes 

of Chardon  officiated, making this the third funeral  in that family since his ordination.   Mrs. Calvin 

(Mary) Appleby, and a  son, Henry Clinton Appleby and last, the lamented Captain.  Peace to his 



note: While the obituary noted the Captain's place of birth as New York State,  his death certificate

  records it  as New Hampshire, with his occupation listed as: sailor. The Cemetery records give his 

birthplace as Bethlehem, New Hampshire.


Revised 29 August 2003 from the records of the City Cemetery, Conneaut, Ohio:Grave of C. W. 

Appleby, Area  #A0140: Born 17 August 1808, born in Bethlehem, New Hampshire. Large Family 

Monument inside a circle.  

Mary, his wife, is buried within the circle, area# D-A-140, on west side.  Mary was born in Windsor,

Lower  Canada. She died 16 April 1879 in Conneaut, Ohio. 

A son of C. W. and Mary Appleby, Henry Clinton Appleby, born 26 June 1843, died 23 September 

1876.   Buried Cemetery area # D-A-140

Another four children were buried in area #D-A-140, and identified as the children of C. W. & Mary 

Appleby:  Asenath (15 Dec 1834-4 Aug 1835); Ordell R. (17 July 1836-24 Sept 1840;  Mary H. 

(July 1848-24 Feb 1840)  and Mary Julia (22 April 1848-15 May 1851).   South Side of Family



William W. Appleby

Son of Captain Calvin W. Appleby

Born in Conneaut, Ohio, William W. Appleby, was an influential citizen of that city.  At one time 

owning almost  all of Conneaut.  Mrs. Appleby (Ida Wyles) died in 1921.  She and Mr. Appleby 

were the parents of C. W., Harry, Fred, Frances, Walter.  Another daughter, Mamie, died in 



Revised  29 August 2003:  Additional information from the records of the City Cemetery, 

Conneaut, Ohio:  William W. buried within circle of Family Monument.  William W. was born 

14 Dec 1839 in Conneaut, Ohio.   No death date given.  His wife was Ida J. Appleby.

On East side.

Ida J. Appleby, born 23 Sept 1853, Detroit, Michigan, buried on east side of Family Monument.

Fred Appleby, son of William W. and Ida J. Appleby, born 1878, died 1927. Buried in Family 

area D-A-140.


Calvin W. Appleby

Grandson of Captain Calvin W. Appleby


The grandson of Calvin and the son of William W. Appleby, C. W. was, also, born in Conneaut, 

Ohio, March 1877.   He was married on December 30, 1902 to Elizabeth Thompson, a daughter 

of Z. H. and Harriet (Rea) Thompson. The Appleby children were Harrison and Frances (Rea) 

Appleby.  Mrs. C. W. Appleby died 24 October 1920.



The following from the records of the City Cemetery, Conneaut, Ohio:

Calvin W. Appleby was Conneaut's first Municipal Court Judge, from 1930 to 1957.

Grave of C. W. Appleby, Area #D-A-142: Born 17 August 1808, born in Bethlehem, New 

Hampshire. Large Family Monument inside a circle.  Mary, his wife, is buried within

the circle, area# D-A-140, on west side.  Mary was born in Windsor, Lower Canada.

She died 16 April 1879 in Conneaut, Ohio.

note: There is a burial for Ida L. (Belding) Appleby, born 1896; died 1989.  On stone of

Calvin W. Appleby, cemetery area # D-A-140.

Two other burials, of note, in the Conneaut, Ohio City Cemetery.

Gilman Appleby, born 29 August 1806, died 18 Feb 1867. On stone, "Aged 60 years,

5 months, 12 days." Cemetery area # D04-132.  

Julia Ann Appleby, wife of Gilman Appleby, born 4 April 1807; died 11 December 1871;

Cemetery area # D04-131.

Gilman Appleby, probably a brother of Capt. C. W. Appleby is buried in Cemetery area 

# D04-132.


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