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William Alfred Appleby

Mary McKoin



Husband:  William Alfred Appleby

Born:  31 May 1816

Place: Bedford Co. Tennessee

Died:  23 Feb 1873

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery, Sec. A; Row 23

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Occupation:  Farmer

Second & Third wives:  Elizabeth Snow;  Mary Ann Snyder

Parents:  David Appleby and Catherine Bell


Married:  28 March 1855

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Divorced: 8 Jan 1892

Place: Greene Co. Kentucky


First Spouse:  Mary McKoin

Born: 29 May 1816

Place: Logan Co. Kentucky

Died: 8 Jan 1892

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery

Sec. A; Row 15

Above ground crypt

Second Spouse:  Thomas J. Whitlock


Children of William Alfred & Mary (McKoin) Appleby:


1.  Walter Blackburn Appleby

Born: 27 April 1841

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  20 Nov 1896, age 56 yrs.

Place: Cascoe, Arkansas

Buried: Cascoe, Arkansas

Services at Hunter Chapel

Spouse:  Rebecca Delilah Burks



2.  Susannah Catherine Appleby

Born: 17 Aug 1844

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  1 Sept 1869; age 25 yrs.

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery; Sec. A; Row 14

Married: 4 Nov 1866

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse:  Jefferson David Headlee

Born: 3 Oct 1844

Died:  31 July 1906

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery;  Sec. A; Row 14

Co. E; 16th Missouri Cavalry   Civil War



1 son:  Avery Appleby

ref: Civil War papers of Jeff. D. Headlee



3.  Scott Winfield Appleby

Born: 9 Dec 1846

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Died: 28 April 1898

Place: Cascoe, Arkansas

Buried:  Marsh Cemetery

Place:  Cascoe, Arkansas

Married: Aug 1879

First Spouse:  Ellender Osborne

Second Spouse:  (Martha?) Mattie Robertson



4. John W. Bell Appleby (called Bell)

Born: 1 Apr 1848

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Died: 19 Dec 1921

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery: Sec. A; Row 21

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

May have had other marriages


(May be Second) Spouse:  Evaline Blackburn Dysart

Born: 7 April 1854

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  26 Oct 1898

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Mt. Comfort Cemetery:  Sec. A; Row 21

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Parents:  William Patton Dysart & Mary Jane Headlee


Children of John W. Bell Appleby

Not certain of mother, if there was more than one wife.

William Alfred Appleby, Charles J. Appleby, Jessie A., John, jr. & Bernie



5.  Mary (Mollie) Appleby

Born: 9 July 1851

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri




Tradition says that Mary (Mollie) was 6 months old when her Mother, Mary McKoin-Appleby left her husband and family for neighbor, Thomas Whitlock (who, also, divorced his wife). Appleby & Whitlock had adjoining farms.   Mary (Molly) was 2 years old when her parents divorced.  Mollie  was said to have been raised by her Aunt Minty.  Mollie attended the Boston School of Music in Massachusetts. She is said to have married a man named William Freeman, she met on the train, returning home to Missouri from Boston..  Said to have lived in Southern California (probably in Pasadena, after marriage. Was the name Freeman a coincidence, or could he have been the older son of her stepmother, Elizabeth Snow-Freeman. Also, had this same son been sent to Boston to accompany her home on the train? 





           Refer to notes on William Alfred Appleby & Elizabeth Snow page.


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