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Hannah Appleby Tucker and Family

William Stokes Tucker


Hannah Appleby-Tucker

William Stokes Tucker and  Hannah Appleby-Tucker

with son, Joseph William Tucker

Picture courtesy of  Bill and Joan Tucker

The line of Hannah Appleby is through her parents, Alfred Marion William Appleby and his wife, Mildred Stokes and her grandparents, James Preston Appleby (ca 1765 - 1849) and his wife, Mary Rump (ca 1773-1852).  Her spouse was William Stokes Tucker, son of Joseph and Eliza (Stokes) Tucker.  Hannah died 8 April 1875.   

Following notes provided by Bill and Joan Tucker:  "After William Stokes Tucker's death, Franklyn Presley Appleby, huband of Mary E. Tucker, served as administrators and the documents name both, specifically Mary E. Tucker, as William Stokes Tucker's daughter and Franklyn Presley Appleby as her husband.  The minor children, Joseph, Ella, James, Laurence and Annie, were given to the guardianship of William Stokes Tucker's brother, John Calhoun Tucker.  Joseph Tucker (1809-1889), grandfather of the children signed his agreement to this arrangement."   Joseph and his wife, Eliza (Stokes) Tucker (1819-1886 are buried in Mt. Zion Methodist Church Cemetery, Welaka, Putnam County, Florida (also known as Fruitland Cemetery).

Others buried in this cemetery:  John Tucker, unknown; Joseph Tucker, born 7 April 1809; died 5 Sept 1889; Eliza Tucker, nee Stokes, born 10 Oct 1819, died 22 June 1886; One headstone marked E.T.C.  The headstone reads:  In Memorial Son of G.L. and M. I. Clayton, born at Dorchester, South Carolina, 23 Jan 1888; W. S. Tucker, born 2 Dec 1841; died 7 March 1884; Elizabeth A., wife of W. D. Allen, born 22 Dec 1840, died 15 July 1887; In Memory of Infant son of F. P. and M. E. Appleby, born 4 Dec 1880; died 27 Feb 1886;  Mamie E. Appleby 1867-1900 (daughter of W. S. Tucker) Dr. Thomas Morgan Appleby*, born in Colleton County, South Carolina, 8 May 1829, died 14 Feb 1890; William Perry; died 21 Oct 1893, aged 44 years.

*Dr. Thomas Morgan Appleby:  There is record of a son of James Preston Appleby, named Morgan Thomas Appleby, born 25 January 1814 Colleton Co., S.C., married to Rebecca Ann Johnson. 


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