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James Appleby

 Nancy (Lane) Bond


James Appleby and Nancy (Lane-Bond) Appleby

Husband:  James APPLEBY

Born: 15 Mar 1801  Jackson Co. Georgia

Parents: John Appleby and Sarah (Bell) Appleby

Died: 21 Feb 1869  Morrisville, Polk County, Missouri

Buried: Appleby Cemetery, Polk Co. Missouri

Occupation: Farmer

67 Yrs. 11 Mo.

Married:  9 April 1840  Polk Co. Missouri

Second Spouse: Nancy LANE  (Obit)

Birth: 4 Feb 1818   Roan County, Tennessee

Died: 15 Apr 1909   Sedan, Oklahoma

Buried: Elmwood Cem, Nr Mtn.View, Oklahoma

Notes: 91 Yrs.

Spouse Father: Tandy ? LANE (1780-)

Spouse Mother: Lucy Polly JONES

First Spouse: Cynthia Sheppard McMURRY



1. William Robert APPLEBY

Birth: About 1841  Polk Co. Missouri

Spouse: Mary E. WHEELER

Married: 9 Aug 1868  Dade Co. Missouri


2. Jemima Ellen APPLEBY

Birth: 2 Aug 1843  Polk Co. Missouri

Called <Ellen>

Spouse: James ANDERSON

Married: 4 Nov 1860  Polk, Missouri

Children: Ben Anderson


3.  Amanda Malvina APPLEBY

Birth: 28 Nov 1845  Polk Co. Missouri

Died:  l5 March 1923

Buried: Akard Cemetery;

Fairplay, Polk Co. Missouri

Married: 13 Jul 1868  Polk Co. Missouri

Spouse: William Nelson Christopher Columbus FOX

Birth Date: 15 Oct 1844

Birth Place: Missouri

Died: 22 Oct 1925

974 No. Jefferson (Springfield, Greene Co. MO?)

Buried: Akard Cemetery Fairplay, Polk Co. Missouri

Occupation: Farmer & Stock-raiser

Cause: Cerebral Apoplexy

Spouse Father: Silas FOX

Spouse Mother: Martha AKARD

 Fox  Children: 

Infant Daughter b & d: 13 July 1872  few hours

Ida, 13 July 1869-9 Feb 1886  17yrs.

Amy J.   10 Jan 1871-12 July 1887  16 yrs.

James E.  8 Sept 1874- 1964, age 90 

married 1. Addie Jarnagin  2. ?  

Robert S. 20 Nov 1880-1970, age 90

married Christina


4.  Irene M. APPLEBY

Birth Date: Circa 1848

Birth: Polk Co. Missouri


5 Susan Emily APPLEBY

Birth: 9 Mar 1849   Polk County, Missouri

Died: 1882  Polk County, Missouri

Buried: Mitchell Campground Cemetery


6 Nancy Josephine APPLEBY

Birth: 15 Mar 1850  Polk Co. Missouri

Death: 17 May 1865   Polk Co. Missouri

Buried:  Appleby Cemetery 

Polk County,  Missouri


7. Eagleton Argyle APPLEBY

Birth: 1852  Polk Co. Missouri

Died:  9 Jul 1945  Chautauqua Co. Kansas

Burial Place: Pleasant Valley, Chautauqua Co. Kansas

Marriage Date: 7 Sep 1882

Marriage Place: Polk County, Missouri

Spouse: Mary Ellen LEMON

Birth: 1 Apr 1860

Death: 1939

Buried: Pleasant Valley Cem. Chautauqua Co. Kansas


James Elzy, born 28 Sep 1884 Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Died: 13 Nov 1956, Trenola, Chautauqua Co. Kansas  

Married:  Myrtle Cain

daughter:  Jewel. born 22 Nov 1888

Married Willie Herbert Vaughan


8.  James Matthew APPLEBY

Birth: 28 Feb 1853   Jackson Twp. Polk Co. Missouri

Died: Techumseh, Oklahoma

Spouse: Nancy Jane JONES

Birth Date: 1850


Wilson Otho

Elizabeth Lolo Jane


9.  Margaret Isabel (Maggie) APPLEBY

Birth: 29 Jan 1855   Polk Co. Missouri

Died: Eureka, Greenwood Co. Kansas

Spouse: Marvel P. MITCHELL




10.  Synthia Orlena APPLEBY

Birth: 4 Apr 1857   Polk County, Missouri

Death: 12 Jan 1926

1224 N. Robberson; Springfield, Missouri

Buried: National Cemetery; Springfield, Missouri

Marriage: 4 Oct 1877   Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: William J. AKARD

Birth: 8 Aug 1843  Missouri

Died: 28 Nov 1882   Polk County, Missouri

Burial: In Yard, 1-1/4 Miles SE Of Fairplay, Polk Co. MO

Spouse Father: Keziah AKARD




   Nancy Lane was first married to Amon Bond. They were married 29 May 1834.  Amon Bond was killed in an accidental shooting in the Spring of 1837.The Bonds had daughters, Elizabeth, born 1835 and Mary E. Bond born 1836-37. A Polk Co. Bio states 8 children for Nancy (Lane-Bond) Appleby. Anderson was mentioned in a letter written in 1931, by Ed Appleby to his cousin, Catherine Bell Appleby.   Portion of the letter follows:  "Emma is single and works for Dr. Anderson in Springfield.  Anderson's mother was an Appleby from near Morrisville, Missouri.

   Amanda's middle name may be Malvona. Census records for different years when she was a child, the name Amanda M. was given, Another year the name for a child the same age was Malvona.

   A brief bio in the Appleby Newsletter, dated October 1983; page 3:  "Amanda, the seventh daughter of her father, James Appleby, and the fifth daughter of her mother, Nancy (Lane) Appleby, Amanda M. Appleby was born 28 Nov. 1845, in Polk County, Missouri. Amanda had ten brothers and sisters and eight

half-brothers and half-sisters by her father's first marriage to Cynthia (Syntha) McMurray and two half-sisters, Elizabeth and Mary Bond by her mother's first marriage.

   A school teacher for five years, from 1863-1868, Amanda married W. N. C. C. A.  Fox on 18 July 1868. His full name was William Nelson Christopher Columbus Akard Fox, but his Civil War buddies called him

"Alphabet". William a son of Silas and Martha (Akard) Fox was a farmer and stock-raiser. He and Amanda moved to Cedar County, Missouri shortly after their marriage, living there five years before returning to Polk County, Missouri. Five children were born to William and Amanda: Ida 1869-1886; Amy 1871-1887; infant daughter 1872-1872; James E. 1874-1965; and Robert S. 1880-1971.

   The Fox family lived for a time at Sedan, Kiowa county, Oklahoma. Amanda's widowed mother lived with them until her death in 1909. Nancy Lane Appleby is buried in the Elmwood Cemetery near Sedan. Amanda and William eventually returned to Missouri.  Amanda died about 1923 and was buried at Fair Play; Polk County, Missouri.  Her paternal grandparents were John and Sarah (Bell)Appleby and her maternal grandparents were Charles and Lucy (Jones) Lane. "Synthia evidently married again after death of her husband, Wm. J. Akard in 1882, as the Klingner funeral home records gives her name as Synthia O. Brower. Age 68 yrs. 9 mo 8 days.  Cause of death: Cerebral hemorrhage (spelling on record). DC Informant: Ben Anderson, his mother was Jemima Ellen Appleby married to James Anderson.  Jemima, an older sister to Synthia. Researcher: Tom Vaughn, LaBelle, Florida (Nov 2001): "In summer of 2001, I found a small Appleby cemetery with only nine headstones.  I could only identify Dr. James Appleby, deceased 21 Feb 1869 and a second stone ***S Anthos, son of James Appleby born May 16 1801; died May 10, 1869. ***  I am pretty sure of names of several others buried there, but unable to confirm by the headstones. I tell you this because the cemetery was and is hard to find there and is located in some woods, 1/4 mile from the access road, and on some private property owned by Carl Anderson, in Morrisville, MO. the Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile SE of the town of Morrisville, MO located in Polk Co. It is really a pretty little Cemetery, even though not kept up. I hope this is of some use for you or other family members. If I can be of any help, please feel free to contact me. Tom Vaughan

Appleby Heritage Note:  The information between ***    *** this may be Synthia  Sheppard McMurry, first wife of James Appleby, and the dates of birth and death are correct for her.


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