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Jarve C. Appleby




United States Army

World War I


Jarve C. Appleby


     Born and raised on his father's Blue Grass Farm, in rural Springfield, Missouri, Jarve was the ninth of 

eleven children of William Eagleton Appleby and Mary Jane (Dysart) Appleby.   At age twenty-nine, still 

unmarried, he enlisted in the Army and was soon on his way to the battlefields of Europe. 

     Jarve Appleby was inducted at Springfield, Missouri on 14 July 1918.    Private Appleby was assigned 

to the 29th Company at Camp McArthur, Texas  Sept Aut Repl Dra' to 13 Oct 1918; Company A  162nd 

Infantry to 22 Oct 1918.  Overseas, from 21 Oct 1918 to 22 May 1919 he served with Company F;  9th 

Infantry until Honorably Discharged at Camp Pike, Arkansas  on the 9th of June 1919.

     For a time, he was listed as missing in action, and when the news reached his parents, they asked the 

Red Cross to try to find him. He had been wounded, and the Red Cross did locate him in a hospital in 

France and throughout his lifetime, was listed as a Disabled War Veteran, due to lung infection from the

enemy's mustard gas.

     At war's end, America's servicemen, Jarve among them, came home, again.  He married in July 1923 to 

Verna Breese and they had one daughter.  

     Jarve Appleby died in Phoenix, Arizona on 11 January 1938, and is buried in the Green Lawn Cemetery, 

beside his brother, Robert Addison Appleby.




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