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Luther Appleby

America Jane Moore-Captain

Pictures courtesy of Kelly Parks  

The Grave of  Luther (Lew) Bascom Appleby

in the Captain Cemetery of the Osage Indian

Skiatook, Oklahoma



The Grave of America Jane Captain-Appleby

in the Captain Cemetery of the Osage Indian

Skiatook, Oklahoma



Special thanks to Kelly Park, a grandson of America Jane (Moore) Captain and her first husband, Peter Augustus "Ogeese" Captain.  In the mid-nineties, we shared  some  humorous moments, as Kelly shared one or two of his favorite family stories.  Ogeese, the Osage interpretation of Augustus.


A link to Kelly Park's web site is included in this article, a fascinating history of the Osage as they were in Oklahoma.  The story of America Jane Moore, raised by the Osage from the age of eight. The story of Augustus Captain, said to be a giant of a man, the impressive son of a French father and an Osage mother.  


This story, though, is of Luther, one of the Appleby boys.


 So, begins an unusual story in the usual manner. 


Luther Bascom Appleby was born 20th April 1852, as the 9th child of Benjamin Appleby and Jemima King, there being 10 children in all.  Two days before Luther's seventh birthday, his mother died on the 18th of April 1859, leaving children, ages 23 to 4 years of age.    His father married Louisa Fine a little over 3 months later and their marriage had produced eight children when Louisa died at age 46 on 29 Oct 1878.


When Luther decided he was old enough to go out into the world,  it probably was at a younger age than if his mother had lived, but the answer lies in further research.  However, gathering from their lives and careers, the children received excellent educations. 


Luther re-appeared on our research screen, before the turn of the century, in Tulsa, Oklahoma, a young man in the era of movers and shakers.  In those early days, he worked as a Cowhand on the Osage land, not, yet, as one of leaders of the growing mid-west town.   


Research jumps to Luther's marriage to America Jane (Moore) Captain, the lady known as "Aunt Jane", throughout Tulsa and among the Osage, the widow of Peter Augustus"Ogeese" Captain.   She was 26 years  older than Lew.  Success in the cattle business, probably begun by the Captains, brought the Applebys considerable wealth.  


Oklahoma Newspapers during that period of time, frequently, carried the name of Lew Appleby.  Primarily, the news concerned his major business investments.  He was on the boards of banks and industries, he invested in  mining and other business adventures, until his death 5 February 1905.


At the time of Lew Appleby's death, it was stated that (America) Jane Appleby was now rated the richest person in Tulsa and the richest woman in the Indian Territory and was known as Oklahoma's Cattle Queen.  Jane and Augustus Captain had raised a large family, but there were no children to the Appleby marriage.

This is the link for the Osage web site.  The story of the Captains are included in several different sections.

Jane's interesting obituary is on the site, also.


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18 August 2006