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John McKeehan Family

of Cumberland Co. Pennsylvania

From time to time, this Index will be updated, to include other items regarding the McKeehan family, especially, their connection to the Appleby Family.  For now, it begins with the John McKeehan family and links to the page containing his Last Will & Testament.


The Applebys are the primary families of the Appleby Heritage website, but when time permits, we try to share information for the associated Families, also.


The John McKeehan's last Will and Testament was an important discovery, since it clarified the true maiden name of  William Appleby's first wife as Elizabeth McKeehan.   An endearing story unfolds in the reading of this will, if one listens with the heart, as well as the head.  My feelings, anyway. Dee




Click here for the Last Will and Testament of John McKeehan, 1782





10 August 2006