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From New York  To Ripon, Wisconsin

William H. Appleby, father


William S. Appleby, son

From Wisconsin to California

   William H. Appleby  was born 29 January 1824 in Allegheny County, New York.  As an infant he 

and his family moved to Onandaqua, New York, then on to Crystal Prairie, McHenry County, 

Illinois in July 1838.  After a year's stay there, the next move was to Cook County, in the same 

state and, finally, in 1846 they moved to Ripon, Wisconsin.

   Mary L. Loomer married William H. on November 5, 1848.   They lived in Ripon, although early

in their marriage they lived a brief time in Green Lake County.

    William died in 1909 and Mary died in 1927, both are buried at Ripon.  They were parents of 10

children.  One of their sons, William S. Appleby was born in Ripon on 1 December 1864.

    Young Will grew up in Ripon and worked for a time at the E. J. Burnside's Drug Store.  He 

became a pharmacist and moved to Denver, Colorado in 1887.

   William S. Appleby married Abigail West on 25 June 1889. Their son, Elvin Pitt Appleby, was born 

in Denver on 27 September 1892.  Abigail died the following day, age 23 years, after accidentally 

being given the wrong medication.  The father placed his son in the care of an Aunt Emily West in 

Ripon, Wisconsin.  However the infant died in August 1893, living only one year and is buried in 

Ripon near his mother.

   The father, William S., married Jennie A. McCulley of Denver and they moved to Los Angeles,

California.  Jennie died in 1926 and William died in Los Angeles hospital on 5 December 1935 from 

injuries received in a car accident.  He was survived by one son and three daughters: Harvey

Appleby, Mrs. Lillian Wellington, Mrs. Leona Gray, and Mrs. Mary Howard, all of Los Angeles.

He was with the Am Ex Co. for 24 years, prior to his moving to California.

   The research for the lineage of Dr. J. S. Appleby (October 1983 Newsletter) and the later research 

for WilliamH. Appleby, indicate the two were probably brothers.   Both were born in New York , but 

possibly in different Counties.  Further information being sent to Appleby Heritage did not arrive in 

time to be included in this article.  




   From a death record: 1909, page 240:  William H. Appleby, after moving to Ripon rented his farm

in Green Lake County, finally selling to invest the money in a manufacturing enterprise (probably

the planing mill investment on E. Font du Lac St. which failed).  He was a carpenter until old age 

forced him into other lines, when he became a gardener.  

   Survived by 7 children:  Mrs. Emma Holmes,of Elmhurst; Mrs. W. G. Dunn and Florence E. of 

Ripon; Edward F. Appleby of Madison; Mrs. F. W. Teske of Milwaukee; William S. Appleby of 

Denver; and Mrs. A. W. Moss of Elmhurst.  

   William H. Appleby died November 20, 1909, aged 85 yrs, 9 mos and 21 days.


  From a death record: 1927, page 15, 17:  Mrs. William H. Appleby died at the home of her 

daughter Mrs. Jeanna Moss, in Ripon on June 1927, aged 95 years.  She was October 21, 1832 in 

Dayton twp.,the daughter of Deloma and Catherine Loomer; the family moved west in a covered 

wagon in 1839, first to Illinois and then to Milton WI for a year and thence to Green Lake Co. 

where her father tookup land from the Gov't.

   She married William H. Appleby in 1848 and came to Ripon in 1863 where she has since resided.

She united with the local M E Church in 1863; survived by 5 daughters and 2 sons, 8 grand-children,

10 great grandchildren, and 10 great-grand-children and 1 great-great-grandchild.  

   Rev. Arthur Johnson officiating, with interment in Hillside Cemetery.


William and Abby (West) Appleby were members of the Ripon Baptist Church and according to 

church records they were both baptised on the 20th September 1884.


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