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William Appleby

Antonia Nathelia Baumgaertner


Husband:  William Appleby

Born:  New York

Died:  14 Sept 1899

Place:  San Diego, California

Buried:  Poncha Springs Cemetery, Section D

Place: Poncha Springs Cemetery

Married:  13 February 1878

Place:  (Giddings?) Texas


Wife:  Antonia Nathelia Baumgaertner

Born:  May 1859

Place: Anderson, Grimes County, Texas

Died: 25 Jan 1923

Place:  Poncha Springs, Chaffee Co. Colorado

Buried:  Poncha Springs Cemetery, Section D; Grave 7

Father:  J. G. Baumgaertner

Born:  Prussia 1825

Mother:  Anna 

Born:  Westenberg, Germany 1825




1.  Name:  Carrie L. Appleby

Born:  December 1883

Place: Poncha Springs, Colorado

Occupation:  School teacher

Died:  4 February 1913

Place:  Morenci, Arizona

Buried:  Poncha Springs Cemetery  Sec D, Grave 8


Spouse:  George Harry Vann

Born:  1874

Died:  Oct 1913

Cause:  Appendicitis Operation

Buried:  Poncha Springs Cemetery

Sec D, Grave 9

No children


2.  Annie Josephine Appleby

Born:  28 September 1886

Place:  Poncha Springs, Chaffee Co., Colorado

Died:  28 January 1958

Buried:  Fairview Cemetery

Place:  Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado

Married:  ca. 1805

Spouse:  John Mundlein

Born:  28 Oct 1880

Died: 7 May 1959

Buried:  Fairview Cemetery

Place:  Salida, Chaffee County, Colorado

Children:  Marie, Jack and Blanche Mundlein

Jack: born August 1908; died 24 September 1939 in

a mining accident.


3.  Mary M. Appleby

Born:  March 1896

Place:  Poncha Springs, Chaffee County, Colorado

Died: before 1958*






References:  U. S. Federal Census, Colorado and Texas


1860 Census:  

Antonio Baumgaertner's name was listed in the 1860 Federal Census for Anderson, Grimes County, Texas. 

Others listed in the family were her father, J. G. Baumgaertner (Bumgardner), age 35, born in Prussia; his 

wife, age 30, born in Wurtenberg.  Two daughters, Anna, age 3, born Texas and Antonio, age 1, born Texas.


1900 Census: 

Antonia N. Appleby was widowed a few months before this census date.  She and her daughters lived on Main

Street. in Poncha Springs, Colorado.  Her Occupation was given as Grocer.  Her parents were born in Germany.


Also in the 1900 census, there was another William Appleby living in Lake Co. Colorado.  Chaffee Co. had been

formed from a part of Lake County.  This William was born in New York in 1843,  his father born in Maine and

his mother born in New York.  William's occupation was given as Mine Watchman.


1910 Census:

Antonio N. Appleby was listed in Poncha Springs, Colorado.  Living with her were daughters, Carrie L. and Mary

M. Appleby.  Annie was not listed, probably married by this time.  Daughter Carrie's occupation was given as


1930 Census:

Daughter Mary M. Appleby was located in the 1930 Texas Census, Bexar County, San Antonio, as a lodger

in a boarding house, her age was 34 and single.  In the same census, Mary was listed in the household of her

cousin, Rubie Rousseau, age 31, a school teacher, in Giddings, Lee County, Texas.  Mary and her mother had

visited this family for six month in 1920, when Antonia, in failing health, hoped she would recover in Texas.

Mary, evidently, became friends with her cousin, Rubie, at that time.  


*According to her sister's, Annie, obituary, January 1958.  Mary had preceded Annie in death. 



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