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The Appleby Family Album



Pressed roses bloom

The songs resume

As once we heard them play.

Ah, Memories

The Miracle of Yesterday




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Albert Barnes Appleby & Laura Jarrett

Alexander WilburForce Appleby Family

Alta Marie Appleby

Annis Appleby -Stearns

Antonia N. Baumgaertner-Appleby

Archibald Clarence (Dutch) Appleby &  Leona Laird

       Archibald (Dutch) & Leona Appleby Family

Armon Dale Appleby

Catherine and Nellie Appleby

Claudia Jo Appleby-Easterwood

Clay Appleby & Ada Putman      

Clay Appleby Family Pictures   

David Appleby

David Dillard Appleby

David  Nels Appleby    

David P. Appleby, Jr. & Martha Dobson    

Edward Wm. Appleby & Lillie Hall

Eloise Appleby - Franken

Fanny Love (Gordon) Appleby 

Felix Justin Young Appleby

Frances (Appleby) Elmore

George Washington Appleby, jr.

George Wilder Appleby & descendants

     Lloyd Everett Appleby

     George Kenneth Appleby

     Robert Lee Appleby (soon)

     Robert Michael Appleby

     David Patrick Appleby

Hannah Appleby-Tucker Family

Homer O. Appleby & Lou Watson 

Ida Belle Appleby-Cloud  Family

Cousins: Appleby-Cloud

James Albert Appleby & Sam Appleby

James Appleby & Susannah Palmer

James Appleby & Nancy (Lane) Bond

James Barnett Appleby & Eliza J. Crawford

a. Eliza Crawford birthplace

James Leroy Appleby

James L. Appleby & Betty Phillips-Appleby

James Matthew Appleby Family

James Melvin & Doris (Warr) Appleby

James Nelson Appleby

James Newton Appleby & Thornburg/McCurdy

James Newton Appleby & Suzanne Strickland

Jessie Bell Appleby & Charles E. Stewart

Jimmie, Nettie, Kate Appleby

John Bell Appleby & Lydia Ann Sumners

John Bell Appleby Family Pictures

John Quincy Appleby & Sarah Wade

              Homer Paul Appleby  New

John Tate & Almira Appleby

John Tate Appleby & grandchildren 

Almira, widow of John Tate Appleby, with children

Laura Eulalia Appleby-Martin & family

Linda Susan Appleby/Susie

Louise Appleby-Knighten

Mary (Appleby) Elmore

Mary Susan Appleby-Dunken Family

Melissa J. Appleby& Darius Myers

Nell Jean Appleby-Sieber

Nellie Appleby & T. C. Van Eaton

Oma Appleby & William Salley

Ralph Appleby & Minnie Mae Buck

         Children of Ralph & Minnie Appleby

Robert Carson Appleby

Robert Carson & Lillian Appleby

Roscoe Ross Appleby & Ora Elizabeth Sneed

Roy Sneed Appleby & Iona Jarvis

Sam Appleby & Viola Goldie Totten

Samuel David Appleby & Sarah Kite

          sons: Sam Appleby & James Albert Appleby

          daughters: Mary, Rhoda, Flossie, Clara & Jane

Samuel Glover Appleby

Samuel Porter Appleby, Sr. & Jr.

Sarah Jane (Wade) Appleby  

Spicey Cassandra (Appleby) Looney

Susie Appleby/Linda Susan Appleby

Unidentified Appleby (?) 

Vincil, Verle, Wendell Appleby

Winfield Scott Appleby Family  New

William Appleby & Mary Ayers

William Albion Appleby, jr.

William Alfred Appleby

William Eagleton Appleby & Mary J. Dysart

William E. Appleby Family on Farm

William Hezekiah Appleby

William McFarland Appleby


other surnames:

Barger, Eric

Bolles, Lawrence

Dunken, Clifford O. & Edith M. Adams

Dunken, Guy Herbert

Dunken, Walter Grant Photo Page

Garrett, Rueben R.

Myers, Darius & Melissa Appleby

Ross Family of Willard Greene Co. Missouri

Selbie, Jr, Frederic Donald & Joyce Pierson

Selbie, Sr., Frederic Donald & Alta Appleby

(Selbie)-Boice-Fanjoy, Shirley Jo 

Sneed, Ora Elizabeth

Sneed, Roy


Potpourri Pictures


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Appleby Grocery Store, Poncha Springs, Colorado

Appleby's Point, Conneaut, Ohio

Bellview Cemetery, nr Springfield, Greene Co. MO.

Bethbirei Church, Marshall Co. Tennessee

Hickory Barren School, Greene County, Missouri

Little Texas Campground and Appleby Church

Marsh Cemetery, Casscoe, Arkansas 

(Graves of Winfield Scott Appleby Family)

Ozro Falls Cemetery, Kansas (John Quincy Appleby)

The Square at Springfield, Greene County, Missouri

Village of Appleby Magna, England

Wesley Chapel Cemetery, Willard, Greene Co. MO.

Willard, Greene Co., Missouri (Roy Appleby Chart)





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