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The Hashamomoque Appleby Family

This article written by Diane F. Perry for the

Suffolk County Historical Society REGISTER, March, 1977.


    Appleby is not what I would call a Long Island name, and yet, the Appleby's lived in the Southold-Greenport area of Long Island for over one hundred years.  They are not known to have been there prior to the American Revolution, and are no longer there today, at least not in name.  There are still Appleby descendants living on L. I. today, for I, myself, am one, but our line of descent is through the daughters of the family and the Appleby name is lost.

   There are several traditions as to the arrival on our shore of the progenitor of this particular branch of the Appleby's.  One interesting tradition states that John Appleby fought with John Paul Jones and that the two landed in Greenport together, but that Jones moved on while Appleby settled in the area.  Another says that two Appleby brothers came off the ship in Greenport, but whatever happened to the other brother is not known.  The only two common denominators in all the stories are that 1) John Appleby was an Englishman and 2) he made his living from the sea.  The only piece of evidence found to date is the record of his marriage in the Records of the First Church of Southold.  There it states that John Appleby of Philadelphia married Mahaley Conklin of this place.  The couple settled on Pipe's Neck, Hashamomoque ( also spelled  Hashamomuck,  Arshamomoque, etc.) on land given them by the bride's father. (The parentage of Mahala is yet unproven.)

   Since the Suffolk County Historical Society recently printed a transcription of two date books owned by Jennie (Appleby) Clark, I thought it likely that our members might like to know more about the family.  Thus the idea for this article was born.  Much of the information was passed down to me through the family via my mother, Shirley Arlien (Fisher) Perry.  Other sources are noted by a letter after the dates:  AC - Appleby-Clark Family Record, B - Bible records, C - church records, S-Salmon Records, T-tombstones, V -Vital records or court records.  The only source not so indicated is the Tuttle - Tuthill Lines in America by Alva M. Tuttle. (rf. #28).

Chart for John Appleby and Mahala Conklin-Appleby

Husband:  John Appleby

Married:  13 July 1783  (ref: S, AC, C)

Spouse:  Mahala Conklin

Their children:

John Conklin Appleby, Joseph Bower Appleby, Mary Ann (Polly), child unknown, died 3 July 1793 (S).

1.  John Conklin Appleby

Died:  20 Apr 1860, age 75.5 (T)

Married:  19 Feb 1813 (S)

Spouse: Sarah Conklin Albertson

Died: 29 Nov 1864, age 74.9 (T, S)

Their children:

Helen C. Appleby, b. 22 June, 1813, died 6 Dec 189(T,V) married Reuben Pratt

Pratt children:  John L. Pratt,  died 6 Aug 1842, age 1 mo. 14 da. (T);  Sarah J. Pratt, died 22 July 1880;  age 35.4.13 (T); married John C. Robinson


John C. Appleby, 3 May 1816, 9 mo. (T)


John Albertson Appleby, born 30 April 1817 (T), died 30 Apr 1817 (T); died 22 Sept 1890 (T), married Deborah Ann Jennings


Matthew Buel Appleby, died 6 Oct 1842, age 22 (T)


Eliza M. Appleby, died 7 Oct 1905, age 82.6 (T) married  28 Oct 1848 (B) William P. Teller, Died 12 Aug 1897, age 77.5  (T) or 12 Aug 1899 (AC). 

Their children: 

Charry Teller, born 15 Aug 1849 (B) died, 16 June 1923 (B)

Georgianna Teller, born 14 Feb 1851 (B), died 21 June 1918 (B)

Helen M.  Teller, born  7 Dec 1852  (B), died 15 Aug 1928 (B)

James L. Teller, born 10 March 1855 (B), Died 2 July 1898 (B)  or 30 June 1898, age 43.30.20 (AC)

Mary B. Teller, born 22 Sept 1857 (B), died 6 Aug 1859 (B) or 16 Aug 1858 age 11 months, 16 da. (T)

John A. Teller, born 1 July 1859 (B),  died 16 Dec 1887 (B)

Phoebe E. Teller, born 31 Jan 1862 (B)

Julie M. Teller, born 3 Feb 1864 (B)

Willie Roger Teller, born 15 Apr 1867 (B), died 15 Mar 1869 (B) 1 yr. 11 mo.)


Charry C. Appleby, born 26 Oct 1828; died 9 July 1910 (T, C)



2. Capt. Joseph Bower Appleby

Died: 1 Mar 1827 (T,V,S) age 39, (T,V,S)

Married 14 Jan 1813 (AC,S)

Spouse: Nancy E. Booth

Died: 14 Nov 1834, age 46, (T,AC)

Their children: 

2a.  William B. Appleby, born 4 Sept 1813 (AC)

2b.  Victor H. Appleby, died, 1 Nov 1853, age 36 (T, V)

2c. Hannah Elizabeth Appleby, married Capt. Timothy Dwight Bunce,  died at sea 12 Aug 1859

along with his son, Timothy Dwight Bunce, jr. age 14.

Other Bunce children:

(Mary Jane "Molly" Bunce,  married 1 Dec 1864, to J. Leonard Ashbey (S, AC)

William Appleby, died 9 June 1850, age 1.5

Elizabeth E., born 2 May 1850, died 2 May 1922; married 26 Sept 18876 To George Champlin Terry

Helen "Nellie", married 15 May 1872 to William Brewster Sweezy

Louise Huntington, born 16 July 1855,  died 3 Dec 1938; married 28 Oct 1874 to Henry Carpenter Prince)


3.  Mary Ann "Polly" Appleby

Died:23 May 1875, age 86 (S)

Married 3 Feb 1814 (S) 

Spouse:  James Corwin

Died: 17 Sept 1872; age 82 (S)

Their children:

James Conklin Corwin

John Corwin

Joseph Corwin

Mary E. Corwin, died 28 Feb 1841, age 23,10 married to Grover M. Cook


4.  Child Appleby, died 3 July 1793 (S)




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