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Benjamin Franklin Appleby

His Ancestors and Descendants


Compiled by 

Herbert Ralph Appleby


Forrest Appleby Shavers

April 1, 1981

Comments of Appleby Heritage:


I remember well, the day in 1981, when I received this history from Ralph and Forrest.


     As I write this in the year 2004, they have been gone from us for several years. Those of us that were happy to know them, have, greatly, missed them,  as we continue to appreciate the work they have left behind.

     In the years, since Forrest and Ralph researched and compiled this particular family history, the entire realm of research has changed beyond belief.  We can, now, stay at home and yet,

simultaneously, travel the world to find the once-hidden paths of our ancestors.  Hidden, because we did not have access to places, then, that are found at our fingertips now.

     With permission of Forrest's daughter, Kay Shavers Ham,  I am very pleased to share this

Manuscript with you.  I believe, Benjamin Franklin Appleby was an inspiration  to the generations who surrounded him in his lifetime, and will continue down through future generations.

     There were some things, researched  by Forrest and Ralph, that were logical at the time,  but  unproven. Now, with the incredible new methods of research increasing by leaps and bounds, the rationale of research has changed in some areas, since 1981.    

     Ralph and Forrest enjoyed this endeavor.  I hope you will enjoy it, also.  With their love of family, this is their legacy to Applebys everywhere.  I, for one, am grateful to them.

     As with all genealogies, passed hand to hand, generation to generation,  this one, too, may contain errors. 

     Thanks to the families of Forrest Appleby Shavers and Ralph Appleby for sharing Benjamin's  

fabulous story with us.                                                           Dee Appleby


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