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Homer C. Appleby, Sr.


Isabella Sour/Sauer


Husband:  Homer C. Appleby

Birth:  23 Aug 1844-49  Ohio

Died: 27 June 1918  Delhi, Iowa

Buried:  Delhi, Iowa

Father:  George L. Appleby  

Mother: Catherine May Church

Married:  31 Jan 1871  Colesburg, Iowa to

Spouse:  Isabella Sour

Birth:  1851  Germany

Isabella's Second Spouse:  Alfred McClatchey

Married: 18 Sept 1918


Children of Homer C. Appleby and Isabella Sour:


1.  Charles Ed Appleby

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Birth: 30 Nov 1871  Sand Springs, Iowa

Died:  17 Apr 1958   Monticello, Iowa

Buried: Oakwood Cemetery; Monticello, Iowa

Married: Nellie May PRICE

Born:  13 Apr 1874  North Branch, Gutherie Co. Iowa

Died:  18 May 1947; Monticello, Iowa

Buried:  Oakwood Cemetery; Monticello, Iowa

Father:  William Price, born 16 Oct 1829 Lewisville, Kentucky

Mother:  Louise Goldsmith, born 1 Apr 1838, Sussex, England


2.  Mary Ann Appleby

Birth: 10 Nov 1873; Wadena, Iowa

Died:  23 May 1951;  Davenport, Iowa

Buried:  Oakdale Cemetery; Davenport, Iowa

First Spouse:  Charles William HUSTON-APPLEBY

Birth:  3 Jun 1852; Sheffield, Ashtabula Co. Ohio

Died:  7 Oct 1921;  Anamosa, Iowa

Buried:  Oakwood Cemetery;  Monticello, Iowa

Second Spouse:  Charles KOONTZ


3.  Joseph Frank  APPLEBY

Birth:  29 Dec 1875    Fayette Co. Iowa

Died: 26 July 1931  Scott Co. Iowa

Buried:  Oakdale Cemetery; Davenport, Iowa

Married:  31 Dec 1898 to

First Spouse: Sophia SAMPICA

Birth: 27 Aug 1881;  Anamosa, Iowa

Died:  Before 1920

Second Spouse:  Elvira Via Garrow

Married:  17 May 1920


4. John Fremont APPLEBY

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Birth: 8 Nov 1877  Fayette, Iowa

Died: 23 Feb 1938  Hopkinton, Iowa

Buried:  Hopkinton Cemetery, Iowa

Spouse:  Sarah Gertrude HUGGINS

Birth:  25 Mar 1877; Iowa

Died:  24 Nov 1939; Hopkinton, Iowa

Sarah's First spouse:  W. H. Cornwell


5.  Katherine Minnie APPLEBY

Birth:  17 April 1880; Sandsprings, Iowa

Died: before 1952

Married:  5 Oct 1895

Spouse: John GARROW


6.  Frederick Lorenzo APPLEBY

Birth:  11 Oct 1882-3; Wadena, Iowa

Died:  20 May 1958; Manchester, Iowa

Buried:  Oakland Cemetery; Manchester, Iowa

Married:  18 Oct 1913;  Divorced

First Spouse: Rachel CORNWELL

Rachel's parents:  Sarah Huggins

by her first marriage to W. H. Cornwell

Second Spouse:  Mildred DENNIS

Married: 1 March 1922


7.  Ella L. APPLEBY

Birth:  6 June 1885; Fayette Co. Iowa

Died:  30 June 1955

Married:15 April 1899

Spouse:  Charles A. COATS


8.  Ada May APPLEBY

Birth:  17 June 1888  Sand Springs, Iowa

Died:  5 Oct 1954

Spouse:  John WOLFE


9.  Mertle E. APPLEBY

Birth: 18 Feb 1890   Sandsprings, Iowa

Died:  before 1952


10.  Lena APPLEBY

Birth: 39 Oct 1891


11.  Homer C. Appleby, jr.

Birth: 17 Nov 1893; Hopkinton, Iowa

Died:  11 May 1952; Scott Co. Iowa

Buried:  Memorial Park, Davenport, Iowa

Married:  22 Nov 1920

Spouse:  Edith DENNING

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Charts for other members of this lineage, ancestors and descendents, will be added when time permits or you 

may write for information.  Peggy Hoehne's website provides good information on

this family at:


Homer. Sr:  early records spelled his name HomAr, his son was named HomEr,  but  by 1910 

census, both names were spelled HomEr.  Mary Ann:  Married Charles William Huston-

Appleby:  He was born  to an Appleby family,   but was raised by a family named Huston.  He used 

this name at the time of  his first marriage  and his children were given the surname of Huston.    

At some point in time,  he changed his name back to Appleby.  

Isabella:  Some controversy  over name and birthplace.

Joseph Frank:  A researcher wrote:  "I have trouble tracing this family.   

Most of the children were placed in an orphanage.    Some say that Sophia died in childbirth."

Other than basic research,  Appleby Heritage has not documented the material for Homer and 

Isabella or their children except where noted.  The data for this lineage was, mostly, contributed

by descendents.


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