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James Appleby


Susannah Palmer




James Appleby

Birth: 27 Nov 1827  Durham, England

Died: 18 Nov 1901 Boscobel, Grant Co. Wisconsin

Buried:  Coumbe Cemetery, Point Andrew, Wisconsin

Occupation: First Surveyor in Richland Co. Wisconsin

Father: William Appleby  Mother: Mary Ayers

See notes below chart  for parents

Married: 24 Sept 1846

Spouse:  Susannah Catherine Palmer

Birth:  20 Aug 1830  Shelby County, Kentucky

Died: 2 Dec 1914  Richland Co. Wisconsin

Buried:  Coumbe Cemetery, Point Andrew, Wisconsin

Father: Thomas Palmer

Mother: Susan Porter Hitt


Children of James and Susannah (Palmer) Appleby:


1.  Mary Susan Appleby

Born 10 May 1848  Benton, Wisconsin

Died:  17 Feb 1913  Nelson, Nucholls Co. Nebraska

Married: 20 May 1866 Richwood, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Spouse:  John Green Dunken

Born: 8 July 1841  Dayton, Clint Co., Indiana

Died:  16 Feb 1919   Nelson, Nuckolls Co. Nebraska

Buried: Nelson, Nuckolls Co. Nebraska

Parents: Daniel & Elizabeth Ann (Gillian) Dunken

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2.  Thomas William Appleby

Born: 12 Nov 1849  Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died:1 Aug 1850  Richland Co. Wisconsin



3. Martha Evangeline Appleby

Born: 2 Feb 1851  Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died:  1910   Kiowa Co. Kansas

Married:  9 April 1871  Richland Co. Wisconsin

Spouse: Mahlon Whittaker Lewis 

Born: 4 March 1841   Pennsylvania

Died: 17 Oct 1909  Kiowa Co. Kansas

Refer to notes at bottom of  page

for names of children.


4.  James Marshall Appleby

Born:  3 Feb 1853  Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died: 15 Dec 1927  Richwood, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Occupation:  Surveyor

Married: 15 Oct 1874

First Spouse: Mary J. Pound


5.  Arthur William Appleby

Born:  16 Apr 1855  Benton, LaFayette Co. Wisconsin

Died:  28 Feb 1923  Boscobel, Grant Co. Wisconsin

Married:  18 Jan 1875  Byrd's Creek, Wisconsin

Spouse:  Nancy Jane Barnes

Born: 15 May 1858  Byrd's Creek, Wisconsin


6. John Preston Appleby

Born:  22 May 1857  Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died:  25 Aug 1857  Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin


7.  Laura Isabel Appleby

Born 1 Jan 1859 Eagle, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Married:  William M. Clark

Born:  May 1855  Greene Co. Wisconsin


8.  Emma Florence Appleby

Born:  9 June 1861 Eagle,  Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died:  9 July 1927 in Excelsior, Richland Co. Wisconsin


9.  Luther Lee Appleby

Born: 25 Dec 1864  Richwood, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died:  16 Sep 1952  Buena Vista Twp. Richland Co. Wisconsin

Buried:  Button Cemetery; Richland Co. Wisconsin

Married:  11 Oct 1885

Spouse:  Ida A. Dooley

Born:  1865; Died: 1935

Buried:  Button Cemetery, Buena Vista Twp; Richland Co. Wisconsin

See notes below for family of Luther Lee Appleby


10.  Anna Violetta Appleby

Born: 22 Apr 1868  Richwood, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Last known address: Mt. View, Missouri


11. Julia (Lelia) Frances Appleby

Born:  3 Sep 1869   Richwood, Richland Co. Wisconsin

Died: Wauzeka, Wisconsin





William Appleby, father of James Appleby, was born ca. 1802 in (Durham Co.? England.  He died 28 June 1888 in LaFayette Co.  Wisconsin and is buried in Democrat Cemetery, Methodist Primative; Leadmine, Wisconsin.   Name of town  had been changed from Democrat to Leadmine.

William married Mary Ayers on 12 Sept.  1826, in Houghton, LeSkeerne Parish, Durham Co. England.  Mary died, 18 Aug 1871, Benton,  LaFayette Co. Wisconsin.  She is buried in the Democrat Cemetery, Methodist Primative;  Leadmine, Wisconsin.  There were probably children, other than the one son, James.


notes:  Children of Luther Lee Appleby and Ida (Dooley) Appleby:  1.  Birney Appleby, born 1888 in Richland Co. Wisconsin; died

1966,  St. Paul, Minnesota (during  a visit).  Buried in Button Cemetery, Buena Vista Twp. Richland Co. Wisconsin.  Birney married Bessie Bock on 14 July 1907.  Bessie was born 1884; died 1948;  buried in Button Cemetery.   2. Theo Appleby, born 11July 1890; died 7 Feb 1905; buried in Button Cemetery.


notes for  *Martha Evangeline Appleby-Lewis information courtesy of  Shari J. Garris from her Grandmother's records:  Martha Appleby-Lewis, her husband and children moved from Wisconsin to Kansas in the 1880's.

Four known children for Mahlon and Martha Appleby-Lewis: John Lewis, born 1872; Cassius Lewis, born 1874;  Lelia, born 4 June 1879; and *Lawrence Mahlon Lewis, born  22 December 1875 in Wisconsin, died 4 Jan 1940 in California. 

Lawrence Mahlon Lewis married Agnes Eliza Wood, 4 Feb 1900 in Coldwater, Kansas.  Agnes was born 25 July 1883 in Cass Co., Illinois; died 10 Jan 1953 in California.  Lawrence and Agnes (Wood) Lewis had two children, Veda Lewis and *John Platt Lewis.  

John Platt Lewis, born 7 July 1903 on the Jackson Ranch, Comanche County, Kansas.   He married Wilma Weimert on 28 Sept 1924, Greensburg, Kansas;  He died 6 June 1935 Comanche Co. Kansas.  They were the parents of three children,  all living, 2003.

*indicates direct line of Shari J. Garris


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