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John Quincy Appleby


Sarah Jane Wade





Husband: John Quincy APPLEBY

Birth: 9 Jul 1825 Place: Bedford Co. Tennessee

Death: 11 Jun 1896 Place: Chautauqua Co, Kansas

Buried: Ozro Falls Cemetery

Nr. Hewins, Kansas

Occupation: Farmer

Father: David APPLEBY (1788-1867)

Mother: Catherine BELL (1782-1866)

First Wife: Margean Jane McCRACKEN


Marriage: 8 Oct 1865

Second Wife: Sarah Jane (Sally) WADE

Birth: 22 Jun 1848

Death: 19 Sep 1909 Place: Eatonville, Washington

Buried: Ozro Falls Cemetery,  Nr. Hewins, Kansas

Father: James WADE

Mother: Marina VAULT





1. M Child: Lincoln APPLEBY

Birth: 3 Sep 1867 Place: Cherokee Co. Kansas

Death: 14 Nov 1867 Infant


2. F Child: Catherine (Kate) APPLEBY


Birth: 1 Oct 1869 Place:  Seneca, Missouri

Death: 7 Jan 1964 Place: Eatonville, Washington

Buried:  Eatonville, Washington

Occupation: Teacher

Spouse: Robert L. DUTTON


3. M Child: Addison APPLEBY

Birth: 25 Mar 1871 

Place: Benton County, Arkansas

Death: 6 Mar 1906 

Place: Chautauqua County, Kansas

Spouse: Joanna ROSS

Marriage: 21 Apr 1896  Place: Cedar Vale, Kansas


4. M Child: Sidney APPLEBY

Birth: 2 Oct 1872  Benton County,  Arkansas

Died:  11 August 1931  Place: Klamath Fall, Oregon


5. M Child: Zephry Clayton APPLEBY

Birth: 7 Nov 1874

Place: Chautauqua County, Kansas

Death: 24 Jun 1954  Place:  Coffeyville, Kansas

Buried:  Round Mound, Chautauqua, Kansas   Obit

Spouse: Myrta Leota HAHN

Married: 14 Sept 1898  Place: Winfield, Kansas


6. M Child: Solomon APPLEBY

Birth: 14 Feb 1878

Place: Chautauqua County, Kansas

Spouse: Pearl HART

Married:  August 1905

Spouse: Lulu WINCHELL

Married:  1909


7. F Child: Nellie Augusta APPLEBY


Birth: 8 Oct 1884

Place: Chautauqua County, Kansas

Died:  March 1973

Place: Eatonville, Washington

First Spouse: Val MILLER

Marriage: March 1904

Second Spouse: Thomas Cobb (T. C.) VAN EATON

picture of Nellie & Van Eaton

Marriage: 21 Jan 1910

Place:  Eatonville, Washington



John Quincy Appleby, wife Sarah (Sally) with daughter Kate, age 1, lived in Flint, Arkansas County,  Arkansas, according to the 1870 

Federal Census.   In the 1880 Census the family lived in Jefferson,Township, Chautauqua County, Kansas.  Only Nellie, born in 1884, 

 was not  born  by that census.   John Quincy buried Ozro Falls Cemetery, nearest town at the time was Cedar Vale.   Marriage  to 

Margean Jane McCracken by C. C.  Williamson.  Record book Pg. 157; certificate # 692.   Second marriage to Sarah Jane Wade.   

One date gives marriage to Sarah Wade on 8 Oct 1865 in Arkansas, but the notes of their daughter, Kate, gave place of marriage as 

Lexington, Missouri. Lived in Kansas.  Ozro Cemetery said to be five miles SW of  Wauneta, Kansas and nearest town, Sedan, also two 

miles NW of Hewins, Kansas.  Sarah Jane was just 17 years old at marriage and 23 years younger than John Q.  His oldest son, Albert 

Barnes,  was the same age as his father's second  wife.  Copy of a certificate stating John Quincy Appleby was a Kansas Pioneer, from 

Judy Stephens.  Judy Stephens (2001) sent information from Sarah Wade's death certificate.

Picture of John Quincy Appleby courtesy of Jane Appleby (deceased)

Pictures of Sarah Jane Appleby, Kate Appleby & Nellie and Nellie and husband, 

courtesy of Vernon Appleby.

Corrections by Vernon Appleby  (7 July 2004)

Vernon's e-mail:


Notes from Vernon Appleby:

"My information is based upon county records.  Kate's notes and having visited the sites of John and Sarah's journey.  John and Sarah 

filed for a patent on land, part of which now makes up the town of Columbus, Kansas. He built the first house in what is now Columbus in 

1868 and sold the land and house soon after.  See "The Columbus Story" by the Columbus Museum, Inc. 1989.  He, also, filed for a patent 

on land near Baxter Springs, Kansas and sold it in 1868.   March 1870, he purchased 40 acres of land in what was then Hico Township, 

Benton County, Arkansas.  He sold the land in March 1873 and moved to Chautauqua County, Kansas on 14 April 1873 (from Kate's notes).  

 As for the divorce from his first wife, Margean,  I don't think one exists.  There is a  document in Deed Book N, page 353, and 354 in 

Greene County, Missouri, where he gives 230 acres to Margean and their children.  This document is dated 8 December 1865,  I believe this 

is the divorce.  I've looked in a lot of counties for a divorce record and a marriage record (John andSarah) and none has  been found.  I hope 

this is helpful.  (Vernon Appleby, 7 July 2004)


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