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William Appleby

Emily Hurt

Husband:  William Appleby

Birth: 6 Jun 1806   Tennessee

Died: 20 Aug 1878  Greene Co. Missouri

Burial: Coble Cem. CassTwp. Greene Co. Missouri

Marriage: 2 Mar 1829    Maury Co. Tennessee

Father:  John Appleby

Mother:  Sarah Bell

Spouse: Emily HURT/HART

Birth: 30 Apr 1808   Buckingham Co. Virginia

Died: 6 Aug 1861   Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Coble Cemetery, Cass Twp. Greene Co. Missouri


Children of William and Emily (Hurt) Appleby:

1.  Samuel Glover APPLEBY

Birth: 2 Jan 1830  Tennessee

Died: 2 May 1906   Greene Co. Missouri

Buried Wesley Cemetery, Greene Co. Missouri

Marriage: 18 Sep 1856   Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Martha Ann Robinson

Birth: 5 Nov 1937  Missouri

Died: 21 Jun 1911  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Wesley Cemetery, Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse Father: Allen Robinson


William Allen (Lonnie); Clay B.; Ida Belle; Homer Glover


2. Mary Eveline APPLEBY 

Birth: 10 Nov 1832   Tennessee

Died:  7 Oct 1886

Buried: Coble Cemetery; Nr Willard, Greene Co. MO

Marriage: 10 May 1849   Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: David Kindrick WILLIAMS 

Birth: 22 Apr 1828   Tennessee

Died: 17 Dec 1881

Buried Coble Cem. Nr Willard, Greene Co. MO

Children of Mary Eveline and David K. Williams:

Emily Francis 1850-1870 married Jesse C. Weatherby; 

Samuel Glover 1853-1886; 

William Ross 1856-1932, married Martha Catherine Cunningham

Jemima C. 1859-; John M. 1860-1878; Thomas B. 1863-; 

Anna M. 1866-; Lewin B. 1869


3. Spicy Cassandra APPLEBY 

Birth: 13 Jan 1842   Greene Co. Missouri

Cassie on tombstone

Died: 20 Jan 1927  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Walnut Grove Cem; Row 11.Greene Co. MO

Marriage: 25 Nov 1858  Walnut Grove, Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: John Findley LOONEY

Birth: 25 Sep 1834   Jackson Co. Alabama

Died: 11 Apr 1917   Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Walnut Grove; Row 11. Greene Co. Missouri

Cause: Pneumonia

Notes: 83 Yrs.

Spouse Father: Allen LOONEY - 1605 (1798-1872)

Spouse Mother: Elizabeth - 1606 (1804-1872)


Children of Spicy Cassandra and John Looney:

Ermina Jane 1859-1877; 

Emulos Walter 1866-1915 married Ida Lawrence

Weldon Glover 1868-1917; Cora Annie 1872-1960

Orville Allen 1875-1966  married Lillie Belle Wheeler;  

Lillie Bell 1879-1964 married Cooper Jones & Charlie McDonald;

Della Overia 1885-1886


4. Anna E.  (Annie) APPLEBY

Birth: 6 Aug 1849  Cass Twp. Greene Co. Missouri

Died: 21 Jul 1916  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Wesley; Sec A. Row 3. Willard, Greene Co. MO.

Marriage Date: 15 Aug 1869

Marriage Place: Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Oscar Franklin FARMER

Birth: 15 Aug 1835  Tennessee

Died: 8 Oct 1887  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Wesley; Sec A. Row 3; Willard, GreeneCo. MO

Spouse Father: Moses FARMER

Children of Anna and Oscar Farmer:

Fred E. 1872-1939 married Nettie Tinsley; 

Samuel 1875-1938 married Stella Alsup; 

Claude 1877-1947 married Arline Baker;

Carl 1881-1913 married Flora Hampton;

John Oscar 1885-1947 married Grace McWhinney.


5.  John Bell APPLEBY

Birth: Nov 1853  Greene Co. Missouri

Died: 1931 Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Cave Springs; Sec A. Row 20. Willard, MO

Marriage: 6 Nov 1879; Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Emma Isadora THOMPSON

Birth: Oct 1861

Death Date: 1950  Greene Co. Missouri

Burial Place: Cave Springs; Sec A. Row 20. Willard, MO

Children of John Bell and Emma Thompson: 

Daisy Maud 1880-1958 married Alfred H. Chittem;

Eugene 1888-1924 married Lora Smith


6. Sarah Elizabeth APPLEBY

Birth: 1834: Tennessee

Marriage: 13 Jun 1850  Greene Co. Missouri


Birth: 1819  Tennessee


7. James Monroe APPLEBY

Birth: Greene Co. Missouri


8. Virginia APPLEBY

Birth: Greene Co. Missouri

died: Infancy


9. Joel Columbus APPLEBY

Birth: Greene Co. Missouri



William may have had an earlier marriage to Elizabeth Greenway according 

to some records.  

1870 census, William, age 60 was living with son's family in Greene Co. 


1860 census, Cass, twp. Greene Co. Missouri;  P.O. Willard,  page 85, line 17,  

#583-586 1850 census, Boone twp. Greene Co., Missouri lists William, as 

deranged".    It is said he became so after a son drowned.   Copy of a letter on 

file,  written by William's brother,  John, in 1870, to his parents in TN, stating, 

"that brother William seems no better."

Emily's  (Hurt/Hart)  family surname is often found with both spellings. 

Mary Eveline Appleby and David K. Williams married by David Ross; Certificate 

#62-873.  Mary Eveline and husband are buried next to her parents.

Information for the family of John F. Looney and Spicy Cassandra Appleby from 

researcher,  Judy Milsap, about 1995.  Judy gave as her source: The personal 

papers of  Anna Lou Park.  Appleby-Looney: seven year space between first and 

second  child....did the Civil War interfere or were there other children?

Cora Annie 1872-1960:  Cora married John A. Kelley 21 June 1899; 

Cora is buried next to M. M. Sewell as ANNIE Looney Sewell and an Annie 

Looney of Plainfield married J. W. Brower,  6 Nov 1895.


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