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Thomas Appleby

Mary Ramshaw

Husband:  Thomas Appleby

Born: 1811; Houghton, Durham County, England

Marriage Date: 11 May 1839

Spouse: Mary Ramshaw

Born: 1816; Crowtress, Durham County, England




1. Robert Appleby

Birth Date: Jun 1841

Birth Place: Durham Co. England

Death Date: 16 Feb 1916

Death Place: Mystic, Appanoose Co. Iowa

Burial Place: Highland Cemetery, Mystic, Iowa


Marriage Date: 12 Dec 1863

Marriage Place: St. Giles Parish; Durham, England


Spouse: Jane Ramshaw

Birth Date: 29 Mar 1844

Birth Place: England

Death Date: 25 Feb 1922

Death Place: Mystic, Appanoose County, Iowa

Burial Place: Highland Cemetery, Mystic, Iowa

Spouse Father: Ralph Ramshaw

Spouse Mother: Ellen


2. George Appleby

Birth Date: 4 Oct 1843

Death Date: 8 Feb 1844


3.  Mary Jane Appleby

Birth Date: 22 Jan 1844

Birth Place: St. Giles; Durham County, England


4.  Elizabeth Appleby

Birth Date: 17 Jul 1845

Birth Place: Pittington, Durham County, England


5. Hannah Appleby

Birth Date: 17 Aug 1847

Death Date: 16 Dec 1848


6. Isabella Appleby

Birth Date: 30 Mar 1849

Birth Place: Pittington, Durham County, England


7.  Thomas Appleby

Birth Date: 1 May 1850

Death Date: 16 Dec 1851


8.  Hannah Appleby

Birth Date: 22 Apr 1852

Birth Place: Houghton, Durham County, England


9. Margaret Ann Appleby

see notes: possibly grand-daughter

Birth Date: 22 Oct 1853



 Thomas Appleby and Mary (Ramshaw) Appleby were in the English Census of 1851 and 1861. The 1841 census was not readable. The English take their census on the "1" year.

Thomas and Mary Appleby lived, in 1851, at Gilesgate (similar to a street name), St. Giles Parish, Durham, Durham County, England. In 1861 they lived in Pittington, Durham County.

 Thomas Appleby and Mary Ramshaw were married 11 May 1839. Mary (Ramshaw) Appleby's mother, also named Mary, was a widow, age 70, in the 1861 census of Durham Co. She lived in the same town of Pittington as her daughter, Elizabeth.

 The following info received from Evelyn Van Zandbergen; Bettendorf, Iowa (1987). Her references from a family Bible and research done by Darlene Paxton, C. G.; Bettendorf, Iowa.

 1851 census, Pittington, Durham Co, England. Roll 87069; p. 30 New Pittington: Children: Robert, age 12, a coalminer; Mary, Elizabeth and Isabella.

 A map of England shows Pittington to be about 5 miles NE of Durham. 

 1861 census: Gilligate, Durham Co., England. Roll 543180

 Pittington,  page 10, listed Mary Ramshaw, head of house, widow, female, age 70, born Gilesgate, Durham Co.

 In household: Grand-daughter, Margaret A. Appleby, age 6, born Durham.

 Page 18; Thomas Appleby, age 50, coal miner, born Durham, Houghton. Wife Mary, age 45, born Durham Co. town of Crowtress. Children: Robert age 19, Hannah, age 7.


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