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William Ivers Appleby

Sarah Brown




Husband:  William Ivers Appleby

Born: 13 August 1811

Place: New Egypt, Monmouth County, New Jersey

Died: 20 May 1870

Place: Salt Lake City, Utah

Parents: Jacob Appleby & Mary Sutress Lukers

Married: 24 Oct 1830

Place Monmouth Co.  New Jersey

Spouse:  Sarah Brown


Children of William Ivers Appleby & Sarah Brown:


1. Augustine Appleby

Born: ca. 1931

Place: Monmouth Co. New Jersey



2. Curles Shim Appleby

Born: 29 Sept 1836

Place: Treeklestone?, New Jersey

Died: 16 July 1902

Place:  North Fork, Sweetwater County, Wyoming

(later became Fremont County, Wyoming)

Married: 23 June 1872

Second Spouse: Nancy GUSTIN

Born: 21 Mar 1842

Place: Verner, Van Buren County, Iowa

Died: 20 Dec 1826

Place: Lander, Fremont County, Wyoming

Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery

Place:  Lander, Fremont County, Wyoming

First Spouse:  ?   Second Spouse:  Brewer

Parents: Thomas & Mary (Peterson) Gustin

Children of Curles Appleby

Sarah Mirinda Appleby; Curles Shim, Jr;, Lonidor Bruce; Susannah; Ernest H.;

Archibald Clarence; Ethel (adopted)



3. Martha Ann Appleby

Born: 1835

Place: New Jersey



4. William Price Appleby

Born: 8 April 1828

Place:  New Jersey



5. Mary Elizabeth Appleby

Born: 1839

Place: New Jersey

Died: 1839

Place:  Born in Summer; live one month



6. Sarah A. Appleby

Born: 1841

Place:  New Jersey

Died:  Utah



7. Joseph Smith Appleby

Born: 1846

Place:  New Jersey



8. Marinda Appleby

Born:  May 1849

Place: "On the Missouri River

Council Bluffs, Iowa



9.  Charles Henry Appleby

Born: 15 June 1851

Place:  Salt Lake City, Utah

Died: 21 Aug 1914

Place: Stockton, Toole County, Utah

Buried :  Salt Lake City, Utah


Spouse:  Ada Merina Lilia Seddon

Born: 26 May 1856

Place: St. Louis, St. Louis Co., Missouri

Died: 1 Mar 1900

Buried: Salt Lake City Cemetery

Place: Salt Lake City, Utah


Children of Charles and Ada Appleby:

a. Ada Marinda Leila Appleby

Born 11 Apr 1873

Salt Lake City, Utah

Died: 19 April 1958

Married: 16 Sept 1891

First Spouse: Thomas Atkinson Slater

Married: 15 Oct 1904

Salt Lake City, Utah

Second Spouse: John L. Conkling


b. Charles Henry Appleby, jr.

Born: 15 June 1876, Salt Lake City, Utah

Died: 24 Aug 1903




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