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James Appleby


Syntha Sheppard McMurry




Husband: James APPLEBY

Born: 15 Mar 1801  Jackson Co. Georgia

Parents: John Appleby and Sarah (Bell) Appleby

Died: 21 Feb 1869  Morrisville, Polk County, Missouri

Buried: Appleby Cemetery, Polk Co. Missouri

Occupation: Farmer

67 Yrs. 11 Mo.

Married:  2 Feb 1826  Tennessee

First Wife: Syntha Sheppard  McMURRY


Born: 16 Jan 1804

Died: 10 May 1839 Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Appleby Cemetery; Polk Co. Missouri

35 Yrs.  3 Mo.

Second Wife:  Nancy Lane





1.  Andrew McMurry APPLEBY

Born: 26 Dec 1826  Marshall Co. Tennessee

Died: 8 Mar 1876  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Kelley School House Cem. Greene Co. MO

Spouse: Letitia Logan SUMMERS

Born: 12 May 1828   Tennessee

Died: 5 Dec 1898   Greene Co. Missouri

Buried: Kelley School House Cem. Ash Grove, MO.

Father: William Gardner SUMMERS (1803-1852)

Mother: Sarah (1800-)

Marriage: 4 Nov 1847  Greene Co. Missouri

Children: Thomas Renshaw, James William Bell,

Alonzo Sustan "Sus", Andrew Benjamin "Bud"


(2)  John Bell APPLEBY*

Born: 6 Aug 1828  Bedford Co. Tennessee

Died: 2 Dec 1885  Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Marriage Date: 22 Apr 1852

Marriage Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Lydia A. SUMMERS

Birth: 14 Jun 1832  Tennessee

Died: 15 Nov 1883

Buried: Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Spouse Father: 

William Gardner SUMMERS (1803-1852)

Spouse Mother: Sarah (1800-)

Children: Eliza Leticia, Sarah A., Antine Arozina

Levi, Gola R., Minnie S., Belle, Zulena L. (Zula) 

and Elizabeth Ann

Second wife:Nancy WETZLER

Birth Date: 12 Apr 1843

Burial Place: Murray Cem; Polk Co. Missouri


(3) Elizabeth Catherine APPLEBY

Birth: 21 Apr 1830  Tennessee

Died: 17 May 1907  Missouri

Married: 13 Mar 1859  Polk Co. Missouri

Spouse: Robert F. LANE


(4) Benjamin Wilson APPLEBY*

Birth: 30 Jan 1832  Tennessee

Died: 3 Sep 1911  Arcola, Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Morrisville, Polk Co. Missouri

Occupation: Farmer/Judge

Marriage Date: 27 Sep 1858

Marriage Place: Polk Co. Missouri

First Spouse: Rebecca Angeline McCLURE

Birth: 1838  Alabama

Died: 26 Jan 1873  Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Mitchell Campground Cem.;Polk Co. Missouri

Second Spouse: Susan Emily HAMILTON

Third Spouse:  Betty LOGAN

Fourth Spouse: Melissa R. BEDELL

Fifth Spouse: A. MITCHELL (Mrs.)


(5) Samuel J. APPLEBY

Birth: 10 Oct 1833 ?

Died: 10 Mar 1854   Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Appleby Cem.; Polk Co. Missouri


(6) Sarah Cassandra APPLEBY

Birth: Missouri

Died: 27 Jan 1844  Polk Co. Missouri

Buried: Appleby Cemetery; Polk Co. Missouri

notes: died as a Child


(2) 1.7 Eliza Frances APPLEBY

Birth: 13 Aug 1837   Missouri

Died:  1 Mar 1911  Missouri

Spouse: Thomas LANE



Research notes:

James Appleby in 1830 census,  had only one child, daughter under 5 years.  Don't know why sons,  

Andrew and John Bell Appleby, were not listed, unless dates incorrect.  In 1830 census, Bedford 

County, Tennessee, listed next to father.

In 1840 census, Mooney twp. Polk Co., Missouri, page 150, line 22.  

Reference: Appleby - Hamilton Bible:  O'zark Gene. Society, Springfield, Missouri.

Reference: A Polk biography for James, states Nancy (Lane-Bond) Appleby had 8 children.  Family 

records list 15 children by James Appleby's two marriages.

Reference: 1860 Census, Orleans, Polk Co. Missouri with 8 children: William Ellen, Malvona, 

James Matthew, Josephine, Argyle, Margaret and Cynthia. Some confusion over the names Irene M, 

born ca. 1848 and Malvona and Amanda M. may both, have been the one later referred to as Amanda.  

This does not account for Susan Emily, born March 1838, this would mean her mother was Cynthia 

McMurray Appleby. The 1838 date would conflict with her older sister, Eliza Frances, supposedly 

born 7 months earlier, on 13 August 1837.


Special Note:  

January 1, 2002Thomas Vaughan offers help in locating Appleby Cemetery in Polk County, 


"In summer of 2001, I found a small Appleby cemetery with only nine headstones.  I could only

identify Dr. James Appleby, deceased 21 Feb 1869 and a second stone***S Anthos, son of James

Appleby born May 16 1801; died   May 10, 1839***.   I am pretty sure of names of  several others 

buried there, but unable to confirm by the headstones.  I tell you this because the cemetery was and 

is hard to find there and is located in some woods, 1/4 mile from the access road, and on some private 

property owned by Carl Anderson, in Morrisville, Missouri.  The Cemetery is located about 1/2 mile 

SE of the town of Morrisville, MO located in Polk Co. It is really a pretty little Cemetery, even though 

not kept up. I hope this is of some use for you or other family members. If I can be of any help, please 

feel free to contact me.    Tom Vaughan


Appleby Heritage Note:  The information between ***    *** may be Synthia 

Sheppard McMurry, first wife of James Appleby, born 16 January 1804; died 

10 May 1839.   This article is also found on the family chart for 

James and Nancy (Lane) Appleby.  



1860 Federal Census; Looney Twp. Polk Co., Missouri:  In household of John Bell Appleby:  John B. age 31; farmer; wife, Ludine A. (Lydia A.) age 27; children Eliza L. (Letitia); Sarah A. age 2; Arozina 9/12 mo.  (Census was taken between June and Sep. so don't know exact date of birth for Arozina. 

In 1870 Census; same location; children listed: (Eliza L.=Luticia age 17;  (Sarah) Antine age 12;  (Arozina) Nannie age 10; Levi, age 3; and Gola, age 1.


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