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Amanda Ann Appleby

Wiley  B. Gregory


Ann Amanda Appleby

Birth: 7 Jul 1814   Place: Bedford Co. Tennessee

Death: 21 Jun 1867  Place: Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Burial: Bellview; Sec. A; Row 8; Springfield, Missouri

Father: David APPLEBY (1788-1867)

Mother: Catherine BELL (1782-1866)

 Marriage: 13 May 1849  Place: Greene Co. Missouri


Wiley B. Gregory

Birth:  18 Nov 1808 Place: Smith Co. Tennessee

Death: 1895   Place: Greene Co. Missouri

First Spouse:  __ Sherrill (abt. 1827)

Third Spouse:  Mary O'Benchain (6 Sept 1877)




1. F  Child   Sarah  (Sallie) Melvina GREGORY

Birth: 16 Aug 1850  Place: Greene Co.  Missouri

Died: Pos. bef 1920  Place:  St. Louis, Missouri

Married 10 Oct 1869;   Greene Co. Missouri

at the residence of the bride's father.

Spouse: James J. Clayman



2. F  Child:  Susannah GREGORY

Birth:  23 Jul 1852   Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  6 March 1909   

Place:  Cucha,  Delaware Co. Oklahoma

Married:   4 Dec 1870  Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Zachariah Spellman Bryant 

Birth:  Feb 1849  Place:  Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  1913   Place:  Nashalia, Pusmataha Co. Oklahoma


3. F Child: Margaret Ellen GREGORY

Birth: 27 July 1855   Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Death Date:  20 Oct  1893   Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Burial: Bellview Cemetery; Sec. A.  Row 9;

Place:  Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Marriage: 12 Apr 1874    Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: William K. Price

Birth:  1 Sep 1847

Death:  1 Jan 1921;

Burial:  Belleview Cemetery  Sec. A.  Row 9

Place:  Greene Co. Missouri



 Amanda:  According to her father's will, Amanda and her mother, Catherine, were buried on the family farm in an area designated as the family cemetery.  Bellview Church Cemetery  became the family cemetery, and the location suggests it was once part of the Appleby farm that included the original cemetery.  Amanda and Wiley  Gregory were married by R. W. Sims, Circuit Judge,  pg. 187,  cert. #57868 Greene Co. Missouri marriage book A.


Wiley:  Was his full name William?  Is Wiley pronounced  as Willie or "Y-lee"?  It is given as Wiley B. Gregory on marriage certificate.  No documentation for death date or place of death,  but one researcher provided the information given here.

 According to Leonard Appleby, a son of David Dillard Appleby and later lived on the Gregory's farm,  Amanda and Wiley went to California during the gold rush days, but returned to Greene Co. Missouri.  If the story has merit, this would have been about the time of their marriage in 1849.  Wiley Gregory had three marriages; First marriage to (surname?) Sherrill, with six children.

Second marriage to Amanda, with three children.  Third marriage to Mary O'Benchain, no  children.  


Zacariah S. Bryant family moved to Oklahoma in 1895.  His son, William David Bryant, moved to Washington State in 1916.  Grover Merrill Bryant, son of William David Bryant, went to California in 1940.  Information for Bryant line, from Judith Bryant McCoy, 1981.


 Margaret Ellen:  Cemetery records for Margaret,  her husband and two young daughters. Springfield, Missouri Newspaper Abstract 1893, states: "Mrs. M. E.. Price, wife of W. K. Price,  died October 21st.  To be buried in Bellview cemetery, she leaves a husband and little daughter."  Evidently,  Margaret Ellen had three daughters, as two preceded her in death, Cora M. 1875-1889 and 

Nina A. 1885-1889.



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