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David Addison Appleby 

Louisa J. Porter

second wife

Husband:   David Addison APPLEBY

Birth: 30 Jul 1841 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Death: 20 Feb 1923 Place: Veteran's Hospital; Leavenworth, Kansas

Burial: National Cemetery; Springfield, Missouri

Occupation: Farmer

Father: James Newton APPLEBY (1819-1889)

Mother: Susan THORNBURG (1822-1852)


First Wife, Martha (Mattie) Dysart

born 1855; died 1 May 1884

died: Golden City, Barton Co. Missouri


One Son Franklin Appleby, 

born 4 July 1875   Missouri

died ca. 1930's

wife: Annie; daughter: Veda



Second Marriage: 

27 Jan 1886 Place: Ash Grove, Missouri


Wife: Louisa (Lucy) J. PORTER

Birth: Sep 1851 Place: Tennessee

Death: About 1925 Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma

Other Spouses Married 3 - 5 times


1. M Child: Edgar Hamilton APPLEBY

Birth: 15 Jan 1887

Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Death: 6 Jan 1956 Place: Veteran's Hospital;

Sulpher, Oklahoma

Buried: Shawnee, Oklahoma

Occupation: Railroad Yardmaster

Spouse: Ophelia FERRELL

Marriage: 15 Aug 1908 Place:

Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

One child:  Eloise Appleby



2. M Child: Infant Son APPLEBY

Birth: 1890 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Death: 25 Jun 1890 

Place: Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri



3. M Child: David Percy APPLEBY

Birth: 9 Jul 1891 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Death: 15 Oct 1925 Place: Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Buried:  Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Occupation: Missionary

Spouse: Rosalie MILLS

Marriage: 1923 Place: Tulsa, Oklahoma



4. M Child: Melvin Porter APPLEBY

Birth: 17 Apr 1892 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Death: 29 Apr 1972 Place: St. John's Hospital; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Buried:   Memorial Park; Tulsa, Oklahoma

Occupation: Oil industry

Spouse: Madeleine Ona WEAR

Marriage: 6 Sep 1922 Place:

Springfield, Greene Co. MO


In 1880, Golden City, Barton Co. Missouri, David Addison Appleby with wife, Mattie and son Franklin, age 4.  In same household, Samuel Porter Appleby, a cousin. 


The following copied from a Springfield, Missouri  newspaper,  dated 1921:"D. A. Appleby.  

Funeral services for D. A. Appleby, 80 years old, who died last Tuesday at  Leavenworth, Kansas, were held at 2:30 o'clock yesterday afternoon at the Calvary Presbyterian  church.   Rev. Henry Little, pastor of the church, conducted the services.  He was assisted by Rev. C.B. Miller, pastor of the First Baptist Church.  Interment was in the National cemetery under the direction of the Lohmeyer Undertaking company. Mr. Appleby served with a Missouri regiment during the Civil War. He is survived by a widow, Mrs. Lucy Appleby, 950 N. Douglas and four sons, Percy, Melvin, Edward and Frank." 


An obit, one day earlier,  gave place of death as Canada instead of Kansas, but this was an error.  This may have been first obit and when error was noted another obit was published. History: It is said that Louisa was married at least four times. I have record of only two,  McKnight and Appleby.  Other husbands were supposedly: Jones and Porter, but could her maiden name have been Porter, since she gave the name to her son, Melvin Porter Appleby and he, in turn, gave it to his son. 


On her marriage application to marry David Appleby her name was given as Louise J. McKnight of 

Ash Grove.  They were married by D. P. Putnam, Pastor of Presbyterian Church. (Missouri Marriages 

Vol. H; Page 60).


Her grandson, Melvin (Buddy) Porter Appleby, jr. said her full name was Louisa Tapeza Sariah Sophriah 

Josephine Mandeville Tennesse Baldwin.  He said as a little child his Dad had taught him and his  

sister to sing-song all the names.  It may have been just family humor.  Where does Baldwin come from and where are Jones,  Porter,  etc.?


1900 census record: Lucy had five children, three still living.  had two children that died young but I know  of only one. 

 In the Springfield, Missouri News, item on 26 June 1890 listed an infant son's death on 26 June 1890.  The other infant may have been from an earlier marriage.

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