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William J. Appleby


Margaret Allen




William J. Appleby

Birth: 19 Sept 1881Douglas Co. Nebraska

Died: Dec 1970; Bennington, Douglas Co. Nebraska

Buried:  Elk City, Nebraska Cemetery

Occupation:  Farmer

Father: Thomas Appleby

Mother:  Cora Bell Wood


Spouse: Margaret Allen

Birth: 1884

Died: 1943; Elk City, Nebraska Cemetery

Children of William & Cora Bell Appleby

1. M Child:  Herman Appleby

Birth:  27 Oct 1904

Died:  30 Sept 1998

Douglas Co, Nebraska

Married:  1 Aug 1928


Spouse: Agnes

Birth: 11 Dec 1905

Died:  31 Mar 1988


2.  M Child:  Clydie A. Appleby

Birth:  15 June 1907

Died:  13 April 1911


3. M Child:  Harold Stanley Appleby

Birth:  2 June 1909

Died:  23 June 1988; Lyons, Nebraska

Buried:  Lyons, Nebraska Cemetery

Occupation:  Farmer

Married:  16 April 1920; Glenwood, Mills Co., Iowa


Spouse:  Celia Helen Pearce

Born: 13 March 1910; Bennington, Douglas Co. Nebraska

Died:  6 Dec 1996; Fremont, Nebraska

Father:  Arthur Ernest Pearce (1871-1948)

Mother: Gertrude Myrtle Ostler (1883-1965)



Sources:  Personal interviews with Herman and Harold Appleby in 1978 (both now deceased) and some living descendents of this family.  

Appleby Heritage has researched portions of each generation, off and on for a period of several years, and much remains in "paper files" to be added as time permits.

 There may be some discrepancies within records but care has been taken to be as accurate as possible.  As mentioned throughout this website, unless documentation is offered, all information is to be used at viewer discretion, and as possible clues to further research.







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