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Glenn Alexander Appleby

Le Ota Hughes

from the 1930 History of Arizona

     Glenn A. Appleby, president of the Bank of Commerce, at Glendale, Maricopa County,

Arizona, has abundantly demonstrated his splendid, all-round ability as a banker and his

 worth as a citizen and is accorded general recognition as one of Glendale's representative 

men of affairs.  Mr. Appleby was born at Ames, Cloud County, Kansas, on the 19th day of

October 1889, and is a son of Alexander William and Jane (Rishtine) Appleby.   After

completing the course of the public schools, he attended the State Normal School, at

Concordia, Kansas, in which he specialized in public accountancy.  In 1909 he also took a

post-graduate course in law.  He continued his residence in Kansas until 1917, when he

came to Glendale as vice-president of the First National Bank, which position he held

until 1920, when he resigned and organized the Bank of Commerce, of which he was

elected president, which position he still retains.  This bank, which has a capital of twenty-

five thousand dollars, has among its stockholders some of the strongest and most

influential men of this locality, and it has had a very successful record, it's total resources

showing a steady and healthy growth from the beginning.  Mr. Appleby has devoted his

attention closely to the interests of the bank and is regarded as a progressive, yet

prudently conservative, man, well qualified for the responsible position which he holds.

     In 1910, at Concordia, Kansas, Mr. Appleby was united in marriage to Miss Lee Oto

Hughes, and to them have been born three children, namely, Sheldon, twelve years of age,

Faithe, nine years old, and Lorna, age five years.  Mr. Appleby is a member of the

Chamber of Commerce, of which, he is treasurer and a member of the board of directors,

and is the president of the Rotary Club.  He is greatly interested in music, both vocal and

instrumental, in which he derives great pleasure.  He is a man of strong social instincts and

is extremely popular among his friends and associates, because of his cordial and affable

manner, his consistent and straightforward life and his public spirited interest in everything

affecting the welfare of his community.

History of Arizona, 1930       



1920 Census:  Glenn Alexander Appleby (bank collector) and family, listed in Pittsburg,

Crawford County, Kansas.  In this census, there was a listing for an elder son, George,

age 4 4/12 years, Sheldon, 2 1/2 years and Faithe was less than 1 month old.  George was in

none of the later census'.

Sheldon was born 21 June 1917 in Kansas and died October 1973 in San Francisco,


Glenn Alexander Appleby died January 1978 in San Dimas, Los Angeles County, California