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History of 

 The Appleby Heritage Association

 The idea of having a central place for Appleby researchers to share genealogy data, took  form 

 in 1979, in Phoenix, Arizona.  In that era, it was still very much in the typewriter and telephone 

 age and there were no personal computers with cyber-space  web sites to help with research.  

 Now, we have taken a great and wonderful step forward into an incredible future.  

 From 1986 to 1991 we, frequently, traveled the highways and byways by motor home, with the

 dining area  set up as an office.  We searched and researched and searched some more,  trying 

 to learn as much as possible of Appleby history in America. 

 Our present  home base is in Nevada.  From Elko, we reach out to Applebys everywhere, through 

 the Appleby Heritage Web Site and E-mail.  Your response has been magnificent, no less!!   

 I hope you have benefited from it and enjoyed it.   I certainly thank you,  for all the ways you  

 have  participated,  by caring and sharing and helping unite our Appleby families, past,  present, 

 and future.    

 The Appleby Heritage Association has never had  any membership fees.  It began,  and remains,  

 the concept of Applebys helping Applebys, to discover just where we are in the Family Tree.   

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About  background:  Picture taken on a stormy day, emphasizing the solitude.

Beowawe, Nevada, at off-ramp 261, on  I-80,  crossing Northern Nevada.

Imagine my surprise to discover Dee's Gift Shop.  No, it isn't mine, but

if you are ever in the neighborhood, stop by.  Sometimes, it's open for business.                                 


                 Scattered and hidden among the hills and valleys of this

                       scenic area, are the illusive visions of Indians, Prospectors,

                       Hunters  and the  wagon trains on the California Trail.  

                                                                 Westward Ho!!


The Humboldt River, wide and shallow, runs through here.

Indian and Pioneer graves are throughout this corner of  Nevada.

Geyers on the mountainsides are now subdued by technology. 


Picture by Daniel Turner,  Photographer,  NE Nevada Historian,

Geologist,  Jeweler, Gemologist, Goldsmith, Genealogist,    Rose Grower, Poet and

Biographer  for those Pioneers  whose final trail camp was here along the Humboldt.


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