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James Newton Appleby


Mary Elizabeth McCurdy

second wife


James Newton APPLEBY


Birth: 6 Dec 1819 Place: Bedford Co. Tennessee

Death: 12 May 1889 Place: Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Burial: Bellview; Sec. A; Row 8; Springfield, Missouri

Occupation: Farmer

Father: David APPLEBY (1788-1867)

Mother: Catherine BELL (1782-1866)

First wife:  Susan Thornburg

Second wife:  Mary Elizabeth McCurdy

Married:  18 Jan 1853    Greene County, Missouri

Born:  Jul 1825  Tennessee

Died: 12 Nov 1887  Greene Co. Missouri

Buried:  Bellview; Sec A; Row 8; Springfield, Missouri

Father: William McCURDY (1790-1858)

Mother: Elizabeth CHEATHAM (1791-1865)




1. M Child: Milton Bedford APPLEBY (Twin)

Birth: 1855 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Never married


2. F Child: Nancy Elizabeth APPLEBY (Twin)

Birth: 1855 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Nickname:  Margie

Died: 13 Feb 1918 (Probate date) 

Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Whitfield (Whit) GRAY

Son: James Henry Gray


3. M Child: Thomas Sirus APPLEBY

Birth: 1857 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Died:  March 1917

Nickname:  Duff

Never married


4. F Child: Susan Adeline APPLEBY

Birth: Oct 1859   Greene Co. Missouri

Called <Addie>

Death: 1912 Place: Waynoka, Woods Co. Oklahoma

Spouse: W. E. (Will) STAFFORD

Son: --


5. M Child: Benjamin Franklin APPLEBY

Birth: Oct 1861   Greene Co. Missouri

Spouse: Sarah BLACK

Children:  James Abraham (Abe); Jasper Hershell;  Louva


6. F Child: Catherine Bell APPLEBY

Birth: 1862 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Called Katie/Kate

Death: 20 Aug 1946   Enid, Oklahoma

Spouse: Riley Perry WHEELER

Marriage: 11 Sep 1889   Springfield, Greene Co. Missouri

Children:  Harvey James; Mary Emma; William Everett

and Richard Leroy Wheeler


7. M Child: George Harvey APPLEBY

Birth: 12 Oct 1867   Greene Co. Missouri

Lka: 2658 E. 7th St.;  Kansas City, MO

Death: 12 Jun 1928   Kansas City, Missouri

Burial: Greenlawn; Springfield, Missouri

Occupation: Railroad

Spouse: Mary Belle MORRIS

Marriage: 14 Apr 1888 Place: Greene Co. Missouri

Children:  Esther;   son,  Thurston (Jack)



William Appleby, the grandfather of James Newton Appleby, married NancyAgnes  McCurdy, she was the sister-in-law to two of his daughters.  

History repeated,  when James Newton Appleby married Mary Elizabeth McCurdy,  as she was a sister-in-law to James Newton's two daughters, by his first marriage.





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