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  Robert Carson Appleby


Bob and Breesie


    Bob was born in Springfield, Missouri on 24th August 1918

The eldest of six sons of Claude and Lona Appleby

During his early-teens, the family moved to California

His story will be added in segments

It begins with the poem below.

Time out for one of Breesie's cookies

Bob in 1920

His great-grandmother, Inez Eliza Hazeltine-Breese

        wrote the following poem, from a heart that adored him.   

As a little boy, he called her "Beesie"

Forever after, she was "Breesie".


To her, he was, always, her




There is a dear little boy, just three years old

Of him is the sweetest story that ever was told.

His hair is white as white can be

And how sweet he is you soon shall see.

He comes to see me most every day,

And as soon as he comes, he wants to play.

He climbs every thing from the chair to the table,

And in Every thing he is possibly able.

He eats his dinner, then away he goes,

When or where nobody knows.

For he is up and gone in the wink of an eye,

No one could catch him, so we don’t even try.

He comes home tired, and wants to rest

Then ‘Beesie’ holds him up close to her breast

And kisses his dirty little face and hands

and softly sings him off to sleepy land.


Inez Eliza Haseltine-Breese, 1850-1936



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