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The Appleby Road



   Long ago, they walked the same road as you walk today    

   You know the one, the first step begins at birth and ends    


   The Wizard of Oz had the yellow brick road filled with the 

   expected and unexpected, with worry, pain sadness, peace

   love, joy, friends, family and more, much more.                  

Sound familiar?

   There are those on the Appleby Road who have traveled so

   far they can no longer look back to see who follows in        

their footsteps.

   Then, there are those only a few steps ahead, who still turn

   to point out the rough parts of the road, hoping you will      

   notice, so the walk will be a little easier for you. We wish   

   for you a wonderful journey as you go along                        

The Road.     

   When, we as individuals reach Later, the place where the

   Appleby Road meets the Street paved with Gold, it will be 

Family Reunion Time. 

   In that Special Place happiness will abound and there we   

   will love one another.  It's a Commandment, you  know,     

   and was meant for everyday use.  Our fathers, and their      

   fathers before them, believed in this doctrine.                      

   Please, take time to learn more of your family, both past 

and present.

   For that purpose, the following pages offers a glimpse of    

   some of the Appleby's as they passed by.


because they were

You are.

 - Dorothy Appleby Turner,  1996