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Thee Familee Tree


I was helping my mom, in my own little way

When some of her web pages had gone astray


"Genealogy", she said, "is the study of genes."

I replied, "A boring subject for many it seems.


To her, it appears, to be quite a passion.

So, in her computer, history she's stash'n.


Who begat who and when did they die?

So many kids, I just wanted to cry.


Then came the part of "How did they live?"

This was more fun, I grudginly give.


They labored on farms and toiled at their work.

Was Ezra nice or a neighborhood jerk?


Did they relish a good, dirty joke?

Or were they staunch, religious folk?


Did they dance and sing out loud?

Or, for this were they much too proud?


Were there soldiers in a great world war?

Did they ever risk life or even a lot more?


Did they build the ships that sailed the seas?

Or, shopkeepers, who just wanted to please?


Were they of the elite, up-town group?

Or, did they make their liv'n - shovel'n poop?


When I was through, I had learned quite a lot.

But, as you can imagine, my mom was distraught.


Heroes and bums, nurses-on-call

It seems our lineage nearly has all.


But, the oldest, closest family secret she keeps.

She wouldn't be pleased if anyone peeps.


A many-great Uncle George on her father's side

Whom she speaks of rarely with limited pride.


Finally, late in the night, she gave me the scoop.

He was stealing bananas from the rest of the troop.


Dan Turner                            

21 Sept 2000                          




Copyright 2000-01  by Dan Turner, All rights reserved.  

 Revised: 1 October 2001