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Our Appleby Servicemen & Veterans




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United States of America


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Veteran's Tribute

In remembrance of our Appleby Veterans and

of all of our American Veterans.

From the Early Days of the Revolution,

down through the present wars,

we honor and revere our Veterans.

May God bless them and we salute them.


To each and everyone of our men and women, currently serving in the military,

we keep them in our hearts, thoughts and prayers.




Revolutionary War

William Appleby



Pension Applications  


Abram Appleby

Andrew J. Appleby

Greenberry R. Appleby/aka: Ridgely Appleby

Richard S. Appleby

William P. Appleby/aka: William P. Vincent



Civil War

David Addison Appleby

family chart





 Alexander Appleby

   William C. Appleby

    Samuel M. Appleby

   Robert C. Appleby



World War I


Albert E. Appleby

Brothers: one picture

1. Edgar Hamilton Appleby

 2. David Percy Appleby, Sr.

 3. Melvin Porter


Harry Addison Appleby

Jarve Appleby

Lloyd Everett Appleby

Samuel Porter Appleby, jr.

Thurston (Jack) Appleby

Lawrence Elrey Bolles

Guy Herbert Dunken




Max Merton Appleby

Jack Jestiny Appleby

Dan Preston Appleby



Conflict:  Just Cause

John Appleby



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16 March 2011